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Teachers College, Columbia University
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George Clement Bond Center for African Education

Teachers College, Columbia University

CAE Staff


S. Garnett  Russell

S. Garnett Russell

Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Education


S. Garnett Russell is an Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research focuses on areas linked to education and conflict, peace-building, transitional justice, human rights, and citizenship in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Rwanda and South Africa. She has also conducted research on human rights and diversity in New York high schools and on refugee education for urban refugees in Ecuador, Lebanon, Kenya and other countries in the global south. Recent publications appear in Comparative Education, Globalisation, Societies and Education, International Sociology, and International Studies Quarterly. 

In Memoriam

Dr. George   Bond

Dr. George Bond

William F. Russell Professor of Anthropology and Education

Dr. George Clement Bond was the founder and Director of the Center for African Education and William F. Russell Professor for Anthropology and Education at Teachers College, ColumbiaUniversity. His interests included education and elite formation in the United States and Africa; African studies; African religions and politics; agrarian transformations; and cultural dimensions of urban and minority populations. He conducted research on political and religious change among the Tumbuka-speaking peoples of Zambia and Malawi; social dimensions of AIDS in Southern Uganda; and privatization, democratization and the plight of the poor in northern Zambia.  Dr. Bond also served as the Director of the Institute of African Studies at Columbia University and President of the Association for Africanist Anthropology.  His publications include Contested Terrains and Constructed Categories: Contemporary Africa in Focus (2002) and Witchcraft Dialogues: Anthropological and Philosophical Exchanges (2001). Dr. Bond completed his Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics.

Graduate Assistants

Katrina  Webster

Katrina Webster


Katrina Webster is an international education development consultant and M.A. student in the International Educational Development program at Teachers College, Columbia University. She has developed academic enrichment and college prep programs for youth and has worked with the private sector, nonprofits and multi-stakeholder partnerships to improve educational outcomes for the marginalized. Her research interests include the role of multinational corporations in education development and girls' access to tertiary education in under-resourced contexts. Katrina develops partnerships and coordinates research projects and events for the CAE.
Charlotte  Caron - Suzara

Charlotte Caron - Suzara


Charlotte holds a bachelor in Psychology from French universities, a bachelor of commerce from Canada and a masters in Public Administration from the London School of Economics in the UK.

Professionally, she has spent a significant amount of time helping refugees and immigrants settle in Canada. She has experience with running departments in non-profit organizations. She also worked as a research assistant for a think-tank called Overseas Development Institute in London. 




Moisa  Saidu

Moisa Saidu


Moisa Saidu is a Sierra Leonean with extensive experience and expertise in human rights education, advocacy and development. He is a current first year student in the International Educational Development (African Education Concentration) program, and Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. At Teachers college, Moisa currently serves as Resource Coordinator for the George Clement Center for African Education. He has technical expertise in advocacy and communications, human rights monitoring, strategic campaigning, program design, strategy planning, coalition building and facilitation, monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing and management. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Njala University in Sierra Leone, a Certificate in Theory and Practice of Human Rights from the University of Oslo in Norway, and a Master of Arts degree in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University in USA. Moisa has a blend of international and domestic experience in the, has worked with civil society, the media, government and lawmakers on issues of law and administrative reform in Sierra Leone. For five years, Moisa served as the National Coordinator for the African Human Rights Education program at Amnesty International in Sierra Leone. Recently, he worked as Public Education Consultant for the Open Society Justice Initiative’s (OSJI) Ebola Impact Litigation project in Sierra Leone where he led OSJI’s advocacy in Sierra Leone by mobilizing and working with local partners including and engaging officials and stakeholders in the government of Sierra Leone, and by raising national and global public awareness on the Ebola litigation in which the Justice Initiative is involved in Sierra Leone. 
Zahra  Ladhani

Zahra Ladhani



Zahra is a Doctoral student in the Health Education program at Teachers College, Columbia University.  Her research interests are in adolescent health and wellbeing, specifically in developing interventions that leverage the malleability of the adolescent brain.  With this future generation of leaders making up the majority of the world’s population and residing in developing countries, particularly in areas of emerging markets, adolescence is a period of great opportunity where tailored interventions can still lead to healthy physical, emotional and social development such that they may contribute towards the advancement of their communities.  Zahra completed her teacher education program at The University of Queensland in Australia and a Masters in Counselling Psychology at the University of Ottawa.  Having had the opportunity to teach in Canada, Australia and parts of East Africa, Zahra developed an interest in the individual learner and the factors that determine their progress on their educational journey.  She is thus dedicated to empowering young people, specifically in developing countries, to overcome health barriers in pursuit of their goals.