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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Center for Cerebral Palsy Research

Our Staff


Andrew Gordon, Ph.D.

Dr. Gordon is a Professor of Movement Science and Neuroscience & Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. He is the Project Director and has been intimately involved in studies of hand motor control in healthy individuals and cerebral palsy since 1990. He has more than 90 publications to date. He has focused the knowledge gained from these studies into modifying and testing CI therapy for use in children with hemiplegic CP since 1998, and has been the Principal Investigator on a CI therapy trial funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Erika Levy, Ph.D.

Dr. Levy is an Assistant Professor of Speech & Language Pathology. Her interests include accent and intelligibility in speech-language pathology, including CP.

Georgia Malandraki, Ph.D.

Georgia Malandraki is an Assistant Professor of Speech & Language Pathology. Her interests include feeding and swallowing in children with CP.

Kathleen Friel, Ph.D.

Dr. Friel is the director of the Early Brain Injury Recovery Clinic at Burke Medical Research Institute. Her research focuses on the importance of motor activity in neurorehabilitation.

Jason Carmel, M.D.

Dr. Carmel is a Pediatric Neurologist and director of the Motor Recovery Laboratory and Early Brain Injury Recovery Program at Burke Medical Research Institute. He is interested in the mechanisms underlying spinal cord and cortical mechanisms of hemiplegia and plasticity associated with training.

Marina Brandao, OT, Ph.D.

Dr. Brandao is an Occupational Therapist who was the first to conduct CIMT and HABIT camps in Brazil. She has been intimately involved in our projects since 2007, and for the past few camps has served as the overall supervisor. She recently completed her Ph.D. at Federal University, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where she is now teaching and conducting research.

Veronique Flamand, OT, Ph.D.

Dr. Flamand is an Occupational Therapist.

Cherie Kuo, PT, M.S.

Cherie is a Physical Therapist and is one of the Research Coordinators of the project.

Karen Chin, M.A.

Karen has a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and is one of the Research Coordinators of the project. 

Lily Hung, PT, Ed.D.

Lily is a recent graduate of our doctoral program, and has been working on our clinical trial since 2007. She is a Physical Therapist and has considerable experience working with this population. Presently she is an Assistant Professor at Queens College, and is actively involved with many projects.

Steven L. Wolf, Ph.D., PT, FAPTA

Dr. Wolf has been a consultant on our Constraint-Induced Therapy projects since 2001. He is a Professor of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. He was the first to test the effects of restraining the non-affected hand and providing intensive practice to the affected hand in patients with stroke. He recently published the results of a multi-center randomized clinical trial on constraint-induced therapy in patients with stroke (EXCITE). He has been instrumental in assisting us in maintaining the key ingredients used in the adult CIT studies while we modify CIT to be child-friendly.

We also have a group of undergraduate and graduate student volunteers, all of whom have experience working with children. They make up the nucleus of our team.