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Continuing Professional Studies

Continuing Professional Studies

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Nursing Education - Advanced Certificate Program

Fall 2018

January 18, 2017 - January 18, 2017

The mission of the Advanced Certificate in Nursing Education is to improve Nursing Education and improve the teaching skills of those nurses who already have doctoral degrees. The goal of the program is to offer doctorally prepared nurses, currently working in, or interested in, nursing education, an opportunity to gain academic preparation in the role of nurse educators. There are currently 1,200 nursing faculty vacancies across the U.S., and this number is expected to climb sharply over the next few years as current aging faculty begin to retire. An Advanced Certificate in Nursing Education would not only prepare those seeking to extend or advance their teaching skills, but also lead to better nursing education generally.

You’ve achieved your doctorate and you want to teach in a nursing program, why would you want to take more courses? Isn’t a doctorate enough?

Although your doctoral program was rigorous, it’s likely that you didn’t get much background in the profession you're pursuing: Nursing education. The education of nurses is perhaps the most challenging work in academia. While other health professions require an undergraduate degree in a related field, most entry-to-practice nursing programs are offered to the high school graduate. Many are traditional students entering the programs when they are 18-year olds, but many others are nontraditional students who are older, more diverse, and who often speak English as a second language. Moreover, these nontraditional students are precisely the types of students needed to diversify the nursing workforce and meet the needs of a culturally diverse society.

The nurse educator is charged with teaching this diverse body of students to become safe, knowledgeable, and professional practitioners, able to handle the advanced technological demands of the current health care system. This educator operates in an educational environment that must meet stiff accreditation demands. Moreover, nursing programs have been subject for decades to high stakes testing that both licenses its graduates to become registered nurses, but also, in the form of closely watched pass-rates, provides a sobering and accreditation-threatening evaluation of these nursing programs on a yearly basis.

This program offers those who want to engage in nursing education five crucial courses that lay a solid foundation for becoming an expert teacher of undergraduate or graduate nursing students. Work that you will accomplish in these courses is directly related to your faculty role and will lead you to be more comfortable and successful as a teacher. The program will prepare you to sit for the Certification Examination in Nursing Education.

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