Program Components

Program Components



Three overarching questions inspire the curriculum:

  1. Who do we teach? How can we connect meaningfully with students of different ages, different abilities, and different cultural backgrounds?
  2. What are the contexts of teaching? How can the environments where we teach and the people with whom we collaborate become meaningful resources in our teaching?
  3. How does our artistry inform our practice as educators? Conversely, how do our interactions with learners influence our art making?


We address these issues through:

  • Guided discussion and feedback
  • Small group work on a specific topic
  • Related reading
  • Specially prepared videos of experts
  • Short “research” projects that involve artistry, for example, writing poetry or creating posters depicting partnerships.
  • Mentoring opportunities

Guest Speakers & Topics 


  • Lori Custodero, Associate Professor of Music Education, Flow Experience/Developmental Responsiveness
  • Olga Hubard, Associate Professor of Art Education, Artistic Engagement
  • Sarah Perry, Adjunct Asst. Professor of Music Education, Responding to Individual Differences
  • Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Associate Professor of English Education, The Art of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
  • Lalitha Vasudevan, Professor of Technology & Education, Imagining Learning Environments

Format & Timeline


2019-2020 Cohort Schedule

Fall 2019

October 11-13, 2019

Weekend workshop in New York on campus at Teachers College, Columbia University

What is responsiveness? How are we responsive in our teaching?

November 2

1st online synchronous session

TOPIC Developmental Responsiveness

November 23

2nd online synchronous session

TOPIC Responding to individual differences

December 14

3rd online synchronous session

TOPIC Cultural responsiveness


Spring 2020

January 25

4th online synchronous session

TOPIC Designing Artistic Experiences - lessons planning

February 29

5th online synchronous session

TOPIC Imagining Learning Environments

March 28

6th online synchronous session

TOPIC Nurturing Partnerships

April (TBD)

Self-study on Teaching Teachers College staff visits or online mentoring sessions

May 2

Last culminating synchronous session (TAC@TC Team) 

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