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Teachers College Teaching Artists Certificate Program (TCTAC)
Cultivating a Responsive Pedagogy of Artistry

2018-2019 Cohort

October 5, 2018 - May 4, 2019

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Group 1:

  • Fall - Oct. 5-7 (on campus ); Oct.20 - Dec. 1 (online)
  • Spring - Jan. 26 - May 4 (online)

Group 2:

  • Fall - Oct. 5-7 (on campus); Oct 27 - Dec. 8 (online)
  • Spring - Feb. 2 - May 4 (online)

Deadline: September 30, 2018

Contact: Claudia Calì, TCTAC Project Manager



The Teaching Artists Certificate Program comprises an interdisciplinary professional learning community and a stimulating space where teaching artists can share, analyze and discuss their teaching experiences and challenges. Together, we consider the possibilities afforded by artistic knowing, and examine issues related to presentation and sequencing in response to students with whom we engage. Acknowledging and embracing the artistry and content expertise of participants, the program generates inquiry-based reflection on immediate and past teaching practices.

We begin with an extended weekend in New York City, where face-to-face interactions will provide opportunities for exploring our artistry and its relatedness to what and how we teach. Following this, we move to an online format, where instruction will involve both synchronous meetings in community dialogue with peers and guest speakers, and asynchronous activity involving related projects. Doing this work over the period of an academic year gives participants the necessary time to reflect and purposefully integrate the resulting changes into their pedagogical encounters.

Learn more about the Teachers College Teaching Artist Certificate (TCTAC) in this story about its pilot program.

Key Components

Three overarching questions inspire the curriculum:

  1. Who do we teach? How can we connect meaningfully with students of different ages, different abilities, and different cultural backgrounds?
  2. What are the contexts of teaching? How can the environments where we teach and the people with whom we collaborate become meaningful resources in our teaching?
  3. How does our artistry inform our identities as educators?

We address these issues through

  • Guided discussion and feedback
  • Small group work on a specific topic
  • Related reading
  • Specially prepared videos of experts
  • Short “research” projects that involve artistry, for example, writing poetry or creating posters depicting partnerships.
  • Mentoring opportunities

Who Should Attend?

The program is designed specifically for artist educators—professional dancers, actors, musicians, visual and media artists – providing pedagogical tools and strategies for collaboration in schools and community settings. We recognize the important role that teaching artists can provide in furthering arts education, and the need for a targeted approach to learning based on artistry.

Program Timeline for Academic Year 2018-19

Fall 2018

Group 1 Group 2
Oct. 5-7: Weekend workshop in New York at Teachers College Columbia University Oct. 5-7: Weekend workshop in New York at Teachers College Columbia University
Oct. 20: 1st online synchronous session Oct. 27: 1st online synchronous session
Nov. 3: 2nd online synchronous session Nov. 17: 2nd online synchronous session
Dec. 1: 3rd online synchronous session Dec. 8: 3rd online synchronous session

Spring 2019

Group 1 Group 2
Jan. 26: 4th online synchronous session Feb. 2: 4th online synchronous session
Feb. 9: 5th online synchronous session Feb. 23: 5th online synchronous session
Mar. 9: 6th online synchronous session Mar. 30: 6th online synchronous session
Apr. (TBD): Self-study on Teaching: Teachers College staff visiting teaching artists at the regional location Apr. (TBD): Self-study on Teaching: Teachers College staff visiting teaching artists at the regional location
May 4: last culminating synchronous session May 4: last culminating synchronous session

TCTAC Personnel

Prof. Lori Custodero, Program Director

Dr. Claudia Calì, Project Manager

Dr. Katie Kresek, Professional Advisor and Teaching Artists Mentor

Ashley Mask, Teaching Artists Mentor and Research Coordinator

Paul Murphy, Coordinator of Online Learning

Guest speakers include:

Prof. Lori Custodero

Prof. Olga Hubard

Dr. Sarah Perry

Prof. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

Prof. Lalitha Vasudevan

Class size is limited to enable individual attention and personal development. To apply, please send an email of inquiry to Claudia Calì, at