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[Dynamic Network Lab, TC, Columbia Univ., Official Study Version 2.0] 


What can you possibly do to be better prepared at home, work, or out in public in relation to COVID-19? Complete the short 10-minute personalized safety calculator for COVID-19 to generate your safety score and receive potentially important customized feedback about your prevention preparedness. The score is based on your own responses in comparison to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Using the safety calculator is 100% voluntary, anonymous, and free-of-charge.

Your anonymous responses will also be analyzed for research purposes and may be used to inform future emergency prevention guidelines to help fight COVID-19.  Although your score does not guarantee safety outcomes, it may help you decrease risk factors and better assess your personal preparedness based on your recent behaviors or daily habits.

To participate or for more information about the study, click the following link:



or copy and paste following URL into your device if above link does not work:


Please freely share the above message or link by email, text, or social media. Inform others that they can use the above link to access the calculator. Or, your contacts can easily find it through our Lab's website or www.SafetyCalculator.Org. Googling "Dynamic Network Lab" is another easy approach.  Any of these ways will bring them to the calculator or right back here to our Lab to access it. Thank you.  (TC IRB #20-260).



For Government Officials and Certified/Authorized HR Professionals interested in potentially using or sharing COVID-19 Safety Calculator to help inform prevention guidelines or to get more information, click here for more details.


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