Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to contact the Clinic Secretary via email or call 201-678-3409 and request an intake packet.

Clinic hours can be found here.

As a training clinic within an academic program, our goal is to deliver high quality services to the community while providing an excellent clinical education to our students. As such, evaluations and treatment are scheduled based on a variety of factors including supervisor expertise, student clinician availability, and students’ academic and clinical preparation needs. If we are unable to serve you for any reason, we will be happy to provide recommendations of other sources of speech and language treatment.

Generally, we are able to schedule evaluations on a regular basis throughout the semester. Typically, there is a waitlist for therapy. The length of the waitlist varies; however, every effort is made to meet your clinical needs in a timely manner. When your intake forms are received, they will be reviewed by a clinical supervisor who will then contact you to discuss your specific needs. If there is a waitlist at that time, this will also be discussed. If the Mysak Clinic is not able to meet your needs in a timely manner, appropriate referrals will be made. If you wish to wait for services at our clinic, your name will be placed on the waitlist.

You do not need a physician’s referral to receive services at the Mysak Clinic. However, if you are submitting a claim to your insurance company and referral is required, it is your responsibility to obtain the referral.

Directions to the Mysak Clinic can be found below:

To Teachers College:

By Subway:

The subway station serving Teachers College is the 116th Street stop of the No. 1 subway train (red line). Be sure that you are on (or transfer to) the 1 train at the 96th Street Station. The express lines (No. 2 or No. 3 trains) do not serve Columbia University. TC is at 525 West 120th Street.  Take the 1 subway to 116th street.  When you exit the subway (there's an exit at 115 and one at 116) walk north to 120th.  Cross to the far side and turn right.  As a landmark, the building on that corner is called Horace Mann.  Midway down the street you will see a set of brownstone stairs, that's the main entrance to TC, the Zankel Building.

These are the driving and parking directions from TC's website:

The Henry Hudson Parkway (West Side Highway) in New York City runs parallel to the Hudson River and offers convenient access to Teachers College. The highway can be reached from most of the main routes entering New York City. The nearest major highway link to it is Interstate Highway 95 (I-95).

Whether driving north or south on the Henry Hudson Parkway/West Side Highway, exit at 95th Street. At the first traffic light, turn north (left) onto Riverside Drive; at 120th Street turn east (right) and go two blocks east to the College. The main entrance is located midway between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, on the north side of West 120th Street.


While West 120th Street offers metered parking on both sides of the street, parking on New York City streets in the Columbia University area is limited. Nearby off-street parking facilities include:

  • Morningside Garage, 3100 Broadway (at 123rd Street), (212) 864-9877
  • E & B Operating Corp., 137 West 108th Street (between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues),  (212) 865-8315
  • Park Yorkshire Garage, 151 West 108th Street (between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues),  (212) 865-2314
  • Upper Westside Parking Garage, 234 West 108th Street (between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway),  (212)222-8800
  • Riverside Church Garage, 120th Street (between Riverside Drive and Claremont Avenue),  (212) 870-6736

Evening parking is available at Riverside Church (call (212) 866-1000

To the Clinic once at Teachers College:

The Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders is at 101 Macy Hall. From the security desk, turn left into the main hall. Go down the first hall on your right and take it to the end. Go right again and through two sets of double doors. The clinic will be right in front of you. 

A Teachers College

Por tren:

La estación de tren que llega a Teachers College es la parada en la Calle 116 del tren #1 (linea roja). Asegurese de estar (o trasferirse) en el #1 en la estación de la Calle 96. Las lineas 2 y 3 (trenes expreso) no llegan a Columbia University. Teachers College se encuentra en 525 West Calle 120. Tome el tren número 1 a Calle 116. Camine hacia el norte al salir del tren hasta la Calle 120 (hay una salida en la Calle 115 y 116). Cruce la Calle hasta el lado norte y vaya hacia la derecha.  El edificio en la esquina se llama Horace Mann. En el centro de la Calle, hay una escalera; esta es la entrada principal a TC. El edificio se llama Zankel Building.

Direcciones para conducir y estacionar

El Henry Hudson Parkway (West Side Highway) en la ciudad de Nueva York es paralelo al rio Hudson y se ofrece acceso fácil a Teachers College.  Usted puede encontrar el West Side Highway por muchas de las carreteras hacia Nueva York.  Interstate Highway 95 (I-95) es la carretera mayor y más cercana al West Side Highway.

Del norte o sur en Henry Hudson Parkway/West Side Highway, tome la salida para 95th street.  En el primer semáforo, doble hacia el norte (a la izquierda) en Riverside Drive  hacia la Calle 120;  en la Calle 120 de doble hacia el este (a la derecha) y continue dos calles al este hacia Teachers  College.  La entrada principal se encuentra en el lado norte de la Calle 120 entre las avenidas Broadway y Amsterdam.


Hay estacionamiento medido en calle West 120 en ambos lados del calle; sin embargo la estacionamiento en Nueva York cerca de Columbia University es limitado.  Estacionamientos  cerca de Teachers College son: 

  • Morningside Garage, 3100 Broadway (a calle 123rd), (212) 864-9877
  • E & B Operating Corp., 137 West 108th Street (entre las avenidas Amsterdam y Columbus),  (212) 865-8315
  • Park Yorkshire Garage, 151 West 108th Street (entre las avenidas Amsterdam y Columbus),  (212) 865-2314
  • Upper Westside Parking Garage, 234 West 108th Street (entre las avenidas Amsterdam y Broadway),  (212)222-8800
  • Riverside Church Garage, 120th Street (entre Riverside Drive y avenida Claremont),  (212) 870-6736

Estacionamiento en la noche esta disponible en Riverside Church (llame (212) 866-1000

Direcciones a la clinica en Teachers College:

The Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders se encuentra en 101 Macy Hall.  Del mostrador de seguridad, de vuelta a la izquierda en el edificio principal.  Vaya por el pasillo principal en la derecha hasta el fin.  Vaya a la derecha a través de las dos series de puertas dobles.  La clínica estará al frente de usted.

Clinic fees are not accepted in the clinic, all bills must be paid using our online CashNet system. You can pay your bill here ( by credit card or by submitting information to create an electronic check.

Directions to pay your bill are available in English and in Spanish.

If you are unable to afford services at the Mysak Clinic, you may apply to have your fee reduced. Once you have been scheduled for services, therapy or evaluation, you will receive the application for the sliding fee scale. You must submit the documents necessary to support your request in a timely manner. You can find the Clinic’s fee policy here.

The Mysak Clinic does not accept insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. Clients who receive therapy at the Mysak Clinic are responsible for payment. An itemized bill will be provided if you wish to request reimbursement from your insurance company. The Clinic offers a sliding fee scale for those individuals who cannot afford the full cost of therapy.

Clients who are on Medicare should be advised that Medicare will not reimburse for the cost of services at the Mysak Clinic. If you wish to receive services that are covered by Medicare, we recommend that you contact a clinic that does accept Medicare. More information about Medicare coverage can be found at

Due to HIPAA and FERPA regulations, the Mysak Clinic does not allow non-matriculated students to observe or volunteer in the clinic.

The Mysak Clinic only offers tours during admitted students weekend each year in April. For more information about applying to the program please contact the Teachers College Admission.

Current employment opportunities at Teachers College can be found here.

Please submit a cover letter and your resume to the Clinic Director, Felix A Matias, 

We will let you know if there are any openings and if none, you will be asked if we can keep your contact information for future consideration. 


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