Melissa Pedraza Accountable Talk Reading Inclusion Teacher Mentoring

Melissa Pedraza : 1st Grade Inclusion,
Queens, NY

Curriculum: Reading

Focus: Text-to-text connections and accountable talk

Reflections: On team teaching, inclusion, and teacher mentoring

Resources: Melissa's Materials

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An index of video clips including
Melissa's and the other teachers' reflections

Student discussions one week after the lessons featured on this website (4:30 min. quicktime FAST: 14.9 MB/ SLOW: 2 MB)

Melissa reflects on Day 2 (5:14 min quicktime, FAST: 17 MB / SLOW: 2.5 MB).

Melissa reflects on students' progress, one week later (1:39 min. quicktime, FAST: 5.4 MB / SLOW: 824 KB)

Melissa gives advice to teachers (2:40 min. quicktime, FAST: 8.7 MB / SLOW: 1.2 MB)
Melissa, Leslie and Nikki reflect on
* team teaching (5:09 min. quicktime, FAST: 16.8 MB/ SLOW: 2.5 MB)
* inclusion.
* teacher mentoring.
* the teaching goal of accountable talk.
Leslie talks about teacher reflectiveness (3:44 min. 12 MB quicktime video).