Melissa Pedraza Accountable Talk Reading Inclusion Teacher Mentoring

Ways to start a good book talk:

I liked it when . . .
I noticed . . .
That makes me think about . . .
That reminded me of . . .
That makes me feel . . .
I have a question about . . .
I don't understand . . .
I thought it was very funny, scary, silly, when . . .

Questions to help us think more (ways to sustain the conversation and respond to comments from the other chart):

Why do you think that?
What does that remind you of?
Do you have any other ideas about that?
Why did you feel that way?

Books that Melissa uses and loves:

Teachers College Reading and Writing Curriculum.

Teachers Guides to Inclusive Practices: Modifying Schoolwork.
By Rachel Janney and Martha E. Snell; published by Paul Brookes Publishing Co.

First Graphic Organizers: Reading (K-2)
By Rhonda Silver; published by Scholastic.

Graphic Organizers and Activities for Differentiated Instruction in Reading (grades 4 - 8)
(Melissa adapts this to the lower grades).
By Nancy L. Witherell and Mary C. McMackin; published by Scholastic

Teacher Mentor Resources

Leslie Richmond’s article, Planning to Plan: The Kiss of a Spider Graphic, was published in the UFT Teacher Center magazine, Special Edition 14 (2002, p.34–37). (Scroll down to Richmond article).

UFT Teacher Center Web site: