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Dean Hope Center
Dean Hope Center

Through Teachers College's nationally regarded Dean Hope Center for Educational & Psychological Services (DHCEPS), which offers training programs in clinical and counseling psychology, the Teachers College Resilience Center recruits and trains its top students to counsel veterans and their families.

The Center works in a two-folded way; first it offers students the opportunity to integrate theoretical coursework with practicum experience within a multidisciplinary setting. This training is foreseen by highly qualified supervisors. Simultaneously, the DHCEPS offers affordable psychological and educational services to individuals, couples, and families residing in the nearby neighborhood of the New York City area. The emphasis is on respecting and working with clients from diverse, multicultural contexts regardless of age, racial and ethnic background, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, and religious or cultural affiliations. DHCEPS also commits to maintaining a liaison with community-based agencies and organizations such as schools, hospitals, and mental health clinics, among others.


In the fall of 2014, we began the development of a pilot project to provide training to students from the Clinical and Counseling psychology programs to work with Veterans and their families. During this first stage, students completing their practicum at the DHCEPS received training in military cultural competence, and were assigned to a Veteran and/or family members as part of their clinical caseload.  The pilot program enabled the DHCEPS to refine and improve its procedures for the expansion of services in the fall 2015 semester.

For more information, visit the DHCEPS website, call 212-678-3262 or contact Yi-Hui Chang. 


DHCEPS has become an integral part of the teaching and training programs in a wide range of programs at Teachers College: including Clinical PsychologyCounseling PsychologySchool PsychologySpecial Education and the Reading Specialist program.

DHCEPS serves primarily as a practicum training facility offering the opportunity to integrate theoretical coursework with the required practicum experience within a multidisciplinary setting. Through these students, the training is provided under the professional oversight of highly qualified psychologists and educators. The center offers psychological and educational services to individuals, couples, and families in the New York area. The emphasis is on respecting and working with clients within the framework of cultural values and respecting the person’s worldview. 

DHCEPS is strongly committed to maintaining a liaison with community agencies in the Teachers College neighborhood area such as schools, community-based organizations, hospitals, and mental health clinics, to ensure a flow of clients to the center while supporting these agencies in the services that they provide to the people in the community.  

To support these services, 
  • Graduate students in Clinical and Counseling psychology will provide veterans and family members with short, and long term psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, personal, vocational and career counseling, and family and/or couple therapy;

  • Graduate students will provide these services under the supervision of our group of NYS licensed psychologists.

The VITAL Initiative

The VITAL initiative provides a multitude of services and benefits to student veterans through a partnership between the New York Harbor Healthcare System and local colleges. By collaborating with both university staff and the Veterans Administration, the program focuses on veterans’ unique skillsets and needs to maximize success in the academic setting. From tutoring, work-study opportunities, individual counseling, and assistance with integration to VA healthcare and beyond, the services provided are prompt, comprehensive, and above all, confidential. VITAL services are available at Baruch College, CUNY John Jay, Fordham, Columbia University, La Guardia Community College, and St. John’s University. For more information, contact Dr. Yvette Branson at Yvette.Branson@VA.Gov, or by phone at (646)772-6087