Winter Roundtable 2022


The Annual Winter Roundtable Conference will be taking a season of rest and will not be hosted in February 2023. 

Thank you to those who attended in 2022!

You can view our previous keynote performances under the "Past Conferences" section. 




The 39th Annual Winter Roundtable 

Collective Action & Liberatory Practices in Psychology and Education 

February 24th- 26th, 2022


Thank you for attending our 2022 Conference!  

The Winter Roundtable is the longest running continuing professional education program in the United States devoted solely to cultural issues in psychology, education, and social work. The Winter Roundtable continues its tradition of bringing together scholars, practitioners, researchers, social change agents and students interested in the intersections between race, ethnicity, social class, gender, ability status, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation in psychology, education, and social work. 

Following a challenging year of uncertainty and brutality, the Winter Roundtable Community has witnessed the pervasiveness of systemic racism, reminding us that our struggle is bound up with one another. It is not enough to simply identify the disparities and injustices within our society, we must also leverage our experiences to visualize and execute actionable strategies to free our humanity. Thus, the 39th Annual Winter Roundtable conference, Collective Action & Liberation in Psychology and Education, is a call to students, scholars, professionals, and activists to come together as we chart a path forward toward our collective liberation. As a virtual conference spanning February 24th, 2022 to February 26th, 2022, we are hopeful that our time together will offer us the ability to reconnect, recharge, and reimagine our roles in the disciplines of psychology and education. We wish you good health and good spirits, and look forward to seeing you remotely in February 2022.


Winter Roundtable Statement on Racialized Violence

We are outraged by the Anti-Asian rhetoric and xenophobic attacks against those in the Asian community. We are further anguished by the continued state-sanctioned violence against Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities who continue to be traumatized by and suffer under white supremacy. Our hearts are with these individuals, families, friends, and communities, for we recognize the traumatic effect that living within this society brings. For 39 years, the Winter Roundtable has worked to support the efforts of scholars, practitioners and activists in the cause of anti-racism and social justice; now, more than ever, the Roundtable family must continue to lead that cause in the disciplines of psychology and education.

As we prepare for our 39th conference, we call our community together to center our collective healing and freedom —please join us.


In Response to Current Events on Columbia University's Main Campus

The Winter Roundtable Conference proudly stands alongside Student Workers of Columbia--UAW  and all workers who seek collective bargaining agreements and a living wage. Consistent with our theme, Collective Action and Liberatory Practices in Psychology and Education, we recognize that social change rests on coalitions and shared activism, and it is our hope that our 2022 conference will nurture these efforts. 




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