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Social Cognition and Career Lab

Social Cognition and Career Lab

Publications and Presentations



Some Recent Publications and Presentations:




Gushue, G.V. & Hinman K. A. (in press).  Promoting Justice or Perpetuating Prejudice? Interrupting External Motivation in Training.  American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.


Gushue, G. V., Walker, A. D., & Brewster, M. E. (2017).  Motivation and color-blind racial attitudes among White psychology trainees.  Training and Education in Professional Psychology.


Mejia-Smith, B.X. & Gushue, G.V. (2017). Perceptions of Career Barriers: Influence of Ethnic Identity, Acculturation, and Self-Efficacy The Journal of Counseling and Development.


Gushue, G. V., Mejia, B., Fisher L., Chen M., Cogger A., Matthews, M., Johnson, V.,  Lee, Y., Mancusi, L., McCullough, R. Connell, M. & Weng, W. (2014) Differentiation of Self and Racial Identity, Counselling Psychology Quarterly.


Fisher, L. D., Gushue, G. V., & Cerrone, M.T.  (2011). The influences of career support and sexual identity on sexual minority women’s career aspirations. Career Development Quarterly, 441-454.




Gushue, G. V., Semel, R., Kim J-E.,&  Hinman, K.  Factors Fostering Career Exploration among Urban Adolescents  Paper accepted for presentation at the 125th Annual American Psychological Association Convention, Washington DC (August, 2017)


Hinman, K., Beveridge, C., Semel, R., Kim, J,  &Yamazaki, Y. Understanding the influence of motivation and self-regulation on multicultural training. Paper presented at the Winter Roundtable in Cross-Cultural Psychology and Education, Teachers College (February 2016) 


Gushue, G. V., Hinman, K., Beveridge, C., Semel, R., Yamakazi, Y.,  & Del-Fierro, O.  Motivation, Self-Regulation, and Adult Attachment. Paper presented at the 123rd Annual American Psychological Association Convention, Toronto, Canada (August, 2015)


Gushue, G. V., Walker, A., Bonifacio, L., Hinman, K., Beveridge, C., & Diamond, L. Motivation, Social Desirability, and Contemporary Racial Attitudes. Paper presented at the 122nd  Annual American Psychological Association Convention, Washington DC. (August, 2014)