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Speech Production & Perception Lab

Welcome to the Speech Production and Perception Laboratory!

Research in the Speech Production and Perception Laboratory examines speech performance in children and adults in English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish, with special emphasis on the motor speech disorder of dysarthria. Under the direction of Erika S. Levy, Ph.D., Associate Professor and trilingual speech-language pathologist, this lab is affiliated with the Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders in the Department of Biobehavioral Sciences at Teachers College, Columbia University.


We are seeking children with cerebral palsy for a free, fun summer speech camp! Teachers College's CP Speech camp, directed by Prof. Erika Levy, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, is the very first speech camp designed especially for children with cerebral palsy. In this free camp, children learn research-based techniques for improving their speech in a fun and interactive environment. The 2019 camp is expected to be held July 8-26 (9:00am-3:30pm)

This camp is part of an ongoing research study at Teachers College (TC IRB #14-245). Assessments are confidential and are used to further develop speech treatment efficacy for children with cerebral palsy. To qualify, children need to use speech to communicate (in sentences), but have difficulty being understood due to their cerebral palsy. We work closely with Prof. Andy Gordon's movement camp for children with CP. For more information please see informational video (http://tinyurl.com/tcCPspeech). To find out if your child qualifies, please contact cpspeech@tc.columbia.edu.


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Speech Production & Perception Lab

Teachers College, Columbia University
Box: 5 * Location: 1150 Thorndike Hall
525 W 120th Street, New York, New York 10027-6696

Director: Erika S. Levy, Ph.D. * Phone: (212) 678-6656 * Email: cpspeech@tc.columbia.edu


The goals of our research are to better understand patterns of speech production and perception in individuals with various language backgrounds and to develop remediation strategies, when needed, for increasing their intelligibility.

We aim to recreate natural speech patterns as much as possible within the laboratory setting. A theme of this research has been the investigation of utterances in continuous speech, in which neighboring vowels and consonants affect each other’s pronunciation, as opposed to examining speech sounds in isolation. Our work informs educational and therapeutic approaches to speech learning and disorders in multilingual populations.

Current Projects

1. Effects of Speech Systems Intelligibility Treatment (SSIT) (Levy, 2014) on intelligibility in children with spastic dysarthria due to cerebral palsy. We perform intensive, state-of-the-art speech treatment in a fun, camp-like environment for 3 weeks over the summer as part of a randomized controlled trial. (See flyer above.)

2. Effects of speech treatment (ARTIC Treatment and Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) LOUD [Ramig et al., 2001]) on intelligibility in American-English speaking adults with hypokinetic dysarthria due to Parkinson’s disease.

3. Effects of LSVT-LOUD (Ramig et al., 2001) on speech intelligibility and speech function in Mandarin-speaking adults with hypokinetic dysarthria due to Parkinson’s disease.

4. Effects of two intensive interventions, Respiratory and LSVT-LOUD (Ramig et al., 2001), on the acoustics and intelligibility of Spanish hypokinetic dysarthria due to Parkinson’s disease.

5. Examination of patterns with which early and late Spanish-English bilingual adults assimilate American English vowels into their native vowel inventory and the accuracy with which they discriminate and identify the vowels.