The Teachers College Initiative for Sustainability Futures envisions a future where all people have access to education that promotes learning, awareness, attitudes, and the skills needed to work individually and collectively in order to achieve a sustainable, regenerating world.

Our mission is to produce high-quality research on educative practices that promote sustainability and the long-term health of complex living systems and to translate this research into action by providing information and resources to educators, parents, and members of the public.

Sustainability at Teachers College


TC faculty and students conduct research on different aspects of environmental and sustainability education.


Teachers College offers a wide array of courses on ESE across disciplines and departments.

Our Campus

Teachers College Facilities, Residential & Dining Operations are committed to furthering sustainability in our community and our campus.



Webinar Series:

Thinking Global, Educating Local

Wooden carving on a Teachers College door.

Parents Conference

Umbrellas in the Teachers College courtyard.


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