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What is the role of schools of education in the face of global environmental challenges?

The Teachers College Initiative for Sustainability Futures (formerly the Teachers College Working Group on Environmental and Sustainability Education) aims to address this question through research, professional development, and public engagement. Launched in 2015, with support from the Provost’s Investment Fund, the Initiative for Sustainability Futures serves as a social infrastructure that connects community members - faculty, students, and staff from across the College who are interested in sustainability - and bind them together. We champion people’s right to have access to Environmental and Sustainability Education, an interdisciplinary pedagogical movement that examines the interactions between environmental, social, health, and economic issues that together promote the long-term health of complex living systems.


Our Team


Addressing global sustainability challenges, such as climate change, requires 'all-hands-on-deck’ approach. Our governance and leadership structure ensure that we engage different stakeholders within and outside Teachers College.


Executive Committee

Associate Director 
Associate Director 


Strategist for Regenerative Earth Practices
Raksha Vasudevan Post-Doctoral Fellow in CSF
Bruce S. Goldberg Postdoctoral Fellow in Youth Wellbeing
Erika Bio PIc 2020
Research Associate
Research Associate & Web Developer
Research Associate
Youth Education Consultant
Shreya Sanjeev
Research Associate

Faculty Affiliates

Faculty Affiliates include Teachers College professors who already engage with sustainability or who are committed to promote the issue through research, teaching, and service. We invite faculty members to apply for an Affiliate status for two years.

Sustainability Liaisons

Sustainability Liaisons include Teachers College community members who are committed to promote the sustainability in their respective unit.

International Research Fellows

International Research Fellow
Dafna Gan
International Research Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellows

Claire Sisiski 

OreOluwa Badaki 


Visiting Scholar(s)

Leire Agirreazkuenaga (Spring 2020)

Thabile Zondi (Spring 2020)

Mustafa Öztürk (2016/2017)

Current and past Zankel Fellow(s)

2022-2023 Zankel Fellow
2022-2023 Zankel Fellow
2022-2023 Zankel Fellow
2022-2023 Zankel Fellow
2022-2023 Zankel Fellow
2022-2023 Zankel Fellow

Climate Communication and Education Organization (CCEO) Project

Kat Norton
Research Assistant
Jiayu Zheng
Research Assistant

Mariana Caselatto, Zankel Fellow, 2020/2021

Lyndsay Gehring, Zankel Fellow, 2021/2022

Michael Gruenling, Zankel Fellow, 2019/2020

Lamar Holmes, Zankel Fellow, 2020/2021

Sebastian Jindra-Cotilla, Zankel Fellow, 2021/2022

Andrea Kennedy, Zankel Fellow, 2020/2021

Erika Kessler, Zankel Fellow, 2017/2018, 2021/2022

Melissa Mitchem, Zankel Fellow, 2018/2019

Sabrina Ian Lok Song, Zankel Fellow, 2020/2021

Christina Torres,  Zankel Fellow, 2020/2021,2021/2022

Raquel Vigil, Zankel Fellow, 2018/2019

Xin Rong Yeo, Zankel Fellow, 2021-2022

Doctoral students conducting sustainability-related research

Ivan Asin

Gareth Alexis Brinkworth

Isabel Correa

Joshua DeVincenzo

Erika Kessler

Darren Rabinowitz

Shreya Sanjeev

Rory Varrato

Shamika Watson


Our Alumni

Alexandra Da Dalt

Yijin Du

Rosa Fernández

Lyndsay Gehring

Jorge Jimenez

Jessica Michel Ostrow

Carine Verschueren


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