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More Honors for TC at AERA 2016: Alex Bowers, Jeffrey Henig and Stacey Robbins

The honors continue for the extended TC community at the 2015 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association.

In a recent story we reported honors for a group of faculty and faculty emeriti -- Christopher Emdin, Celia Genishi, Judith Scott-Clayton, Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, and Elizabeth Tipton – as well as for alumnus Jared Boyce and current student Esther Ohito.

Now there are three additional honorees.

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Alex Bowers, Associate Professor of Applied Statistics in the Department of Organization & Leadership, has received a 2015-16 Outstanding Reviewer Award from Education Administration Quarterly (EAQ). Honorees are selected for, among other factors, the quality and rigor of their reviews, the capacity of their reviews to strengthen manuscripts and help develop the skill set of author(s), the timeliness of completion, and the number of reviews they complete.   

Bowers is a former pharmaceutical cell biologist who was among the first to make use of the newly sequenced human genome. Today, helping schools and districts improve students’ long-term learning, he mines data to find intervention targets.


Jeffrey Henig, Professor of Political Science & Education and chair of TC’s Department of Education Policy & Social Analysis is receiving the Politics of Education Association Stephen K. Bailey Award. The award recognizes scholars who make significant intellectual and research contributions to the study of the politics of education. 

Henig’s work has focused on privatization and school choice, race and urban politics, the politics of urban education reform and the politics of education research. He recently published the book The New Education Philanthropy: Politics, Policy and Reform, co-edited with Frederick M. Hess of the American Enterprise Institute, which spotlights the role of foundations in advancing education initiatives such as charter schools and teacher assessment. He also is the author of Spin Cycle: How Research Is Used in Policy Debates –The Case of Charter Schools (2008), which won AERA’s 2010 Outstanding Book Award.


Stacey Robbins (Ed.D. ’15, Ed.M. ’12), an alumna of TC’s Adult Learning & Leadership Program, will receive the SIG Workplace Learning Dissertation of the Year Award. Robbins’ dissertation, “Learning and Innovation in Seed Phase Entrepreneurial Teams,” examines five seed-phase entrepreneurial teams and how they learned to create innovative solutions to business challenges.

“Stacey is a very thorough and effective researcher who works very collaboratively with other faculty and students,” said Lyle Yorks, Professor of Adult & Continuing Education.”Her research provides a series of very practical implications for these kinds of programs, particularly the role of team learning and how innovation manifests itself in those courses.”

A former New York City high school teacher, Robbins currently is a lecturer in the Department of Occupational, Workforce, and Leadership Studies at Texas State University.  She works with non-traditional students returning to higher education in pursuit of their personal and professional goals in this unique, interdisciplinary degree program.  She teaches hybrid and online courses. Her research focuses on leadership identity development and learning in teams.

Published Wednesday, Apr 6, 2016

Alex Bowers
Alex Bowers, Associate Professor of Applied Statistics
Jeffrey Henig
Jeffrey Henig, Professor of Political Science & Education
Stacey Robbins
Stacey Robbins (Ed.D. ’15, Ed.M. ’12)