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Welcome to the Office of the General Counsel at Teachers College.

OGC supports the mission of the College by providing legal advice and counsel, serving as the College’s legal representative in litigation, administrative matters, and transactions, and retaining and overseeing outside counsel engaged on behalf of the University.  Only the Office of General Counsel is authorized to retain outside counsel for the College.

The Office of General Counsel represents the College and not any individual.  OGC provides legal counsel to the College and its departments and other component parts, to the President, Board of Trustees, and senior staff, and also to faculty and staff in connection with their work on behalf of the College.  OGC and its lawyers cannot, however, represent faculty, staff or students as individuals.

The General Counsel, Lori Fox, is a member of the senior staff of the College and serves as its chief legal advisor.

This website is a work in progress.  Over time, we will add general information about laws and College policies.   While we hope this information will be useful, general information does not substitute for legal advice responsive to a particular situation or need.  All matters requiring legal advice or legal action should be referred to the Office of the General Counsel.