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Rajan, Sonali
Assistant Professor of Health Education
Health & Behavior Studies

530F Thndk

Office Hours:
Varies by semester and class schedule

Educational Background

Post-Doctoral Training, Behavioral Sciences - National Development and Research Institutes (2010 - 2012)
Doctor of Education, Health and Behavior Studies - Teachers College, Columbia University (2010)
Master of Science, Applied Statistics - Teachers College, Columbia University (2011)
Bachelor of Science, Biological and Environmental Engineering - Cornell University (2005)

Scholarly Interests

Identifying patterns of risk behaviors among vulnerable youth; developing, implementing, and evaluating school-based health education programs; identifying environmental strategies and characteristics that influence health behaviors; applying bioinformatic methods to large public health and education data sets as a means of exploring complex social problems that affect youth's quality of health, engagement in academics, and ability to learn.

Selected Publications

* Please note that Teachers College student authors are underlined.

Pelcher, A. & Rajan, S. (2015). After-school program implementation in urban environments: Increasing engagement among adolescent youth. In press at Journal of School Health.

Zagnit, E.A., Rajan, S., & Basch, C.H. (2015). Prevalence and pricing of chain gyms in New York City. In press at International Journal of Health Education and Promotion.

Rajan, S., Namdar, R., & Ruggles, K.V. (2015). Aggressive and violent behaviors in the school environment among a nationally representative sample of adolescent youth. Journal of School Health, 85(7), 446 - 457.

Aronson, I.D., Marsch, L.A., Rajan, S., Koken, J., & Bania, T.C. (2015). Computer-based video to increase HIV testing among emergency department patients who decline. AIDS and Behavior, 19(3), 516 - 522. 

Ruggles, K.V. & Rajan, S. (2014). Gun possession among American youth: A discovery-based approach to understand gun violence. PLOS ONE, 9(11): e111893.

Basch, C.E., Basch, C.B., Ruggles, K.V., & Rajan, S. (2014). Prevalence of sleep duration on an average school night among four nationally representative successive samples of American high school students (2007 - 2013). Preventing Chronic Disease, 11: 140383.

Weishaar, T. & Rajan, S. (2014). Importance of body weight and skin color in determining appropriate vitamin D3 supplement doses for children and adolescents. Pediatric Research, 77(2), 370 - 375. 

Basch, C.H., Basch, C.E., Rajan, S., & Ruggles, K.V. (2014). Prevalence of sunscreen use and tanning behaviors among a nationally representative sample of adolescent youth (2001 - 2011). Preventing Chronic Disease [published online], 11:E144.

Leonard, N.R., Rajan, S., Aregbesola, T., & Gwadz, M. (2014). HIV testing patterns among urban YMSM of color. Health Education and Behavior [published online].

Basch, C.H., Ethan, D., Rajan, S., & Basch, C.E. (2014). Technology-related distracted walking behaviors in Manhattan's most dangerous intersections. Injury Prevention, 20(5), 343-346.

Basch, C.H., Zagnit, E.A., Rajan, S., Ethan, D., & Basch, C.E. (2014). Helmet use among cyclists in New York City. Journal of Community Health, 39(5), 956 - 958.

Melnick, G., Wexler, H., & Rajan, S. (2014). Measuring team members' satisfaction in drug courts: An instrument to gauge the component disciplines in drug courts.  Drug Court Review, 9(1), 56 - 73.

Basch, C.H. and Rajan, S. (2014). Marketing strategies and warning labels on children's toothpaste. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 88(5), 312 - 315.

Ethan, D., Basch, C.H., Rajan, S., Samuels, L., & Hammond, R. (2013). Nutrition content analysis of grocery store circulars in low- versus high-income neighborhoods in New York City. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 11(1), 537-547.

Basch, C.H., Ethan, D., Rajan, S., Kozlowsky, S., & Basch, C.E. (2013). Helmet use among riders using the Citi Bike bicycle-sharing program: A pilot study in New York City. Journal of Community Health [Published online].

Aronson, I.D., Rajan, S., Marsch, L.A., & Bania, T.C. (2013).  Interactions between learning and HIV testing following a technology-based intervention. Health Education and Behavior, 41(3), 259 - 266.

Rajan, S.,  Basch, C.H., & Ethan, D. (2013). Observational data collection of environmental and behavioral characteristics: Strengths, limitations, and implications for health communication. Journal of Mass Communication and Journalism, 3:e141.

Ethan, D., Basch, C.H., & Rajan, S. (2013). Editorial: Promoting healthy vision in children through the use of social marketing. Journal of Mass Communication and Journalism, 3:e140.

Basch, C.H., Ethan, D., & Rajan, S. (2013). Price, promotion, and availability of nutrition information: A descriptive study of a popular fast food chain in New York City. Global Journal of Health Science, 5(6), 73 - 80. 

Basch, C.H., Schaffer, E.J., Hammond, R.K., & Rajan, S. (2013). Prevalence of infant formula advertisements in parenting magazines over a five-year span. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 28(6), e28 - e32.

Basch, C.H., Hammond, R.K., Guinta, A., Rajan, S., & Basch, C.E. (2013). Advertising of toothpaste in parenting magazines. Journal of Community Health, 38(5), 911 - 914.

Rajan, S., Leonard, N.R. Fletcher, R., Casarijan, B., Casarijan, R., & Cisse, C. (2012). Ambulatory autonomic activity monitoring among at-risk adolescent mothers. Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine, 1(3), 25 - 31.

Simmons, J., Rajan, S., & McMahon, J. (2012).  Retrospective accounts of injection initiation in intimate partnerships. International Journal of Drug Policy, 23(4), 303 - 311.

Rajan, S. & Basch, C.E. (2012). Fidelity of after-school program implementation targeting adolescent youth: Identifying successful curricular and programmatic characteristics. Journal of School Health, 82(4), 159-165.

Barker, M. & Rajan, S. (2009).  "Girls on Track" Curriculum.  Published by Girls on the Run, International; Copyright 2009 by Girls on the Run, International and Molly Barker. 

Zhang, Q., Cuartas, E., Mehta, N., Gilligan, J., Ke, H.Z., Saltzman, W.M., Kotas, M., Ma, M., Rajan, S., Chalouni, C., Carlson, J., & Vignery, A. (2008). Replacement of bone marrow by bone in rat femurs: the bone bioreactor.  Tissue Engineering, 14(2), 237-246.


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