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Sonali Rajan
Assistant Professor of Health Education
Health & Behavior Studies

530F Thndk

Office Hours:

Educational Background

Post-Doctoral Training, Behavioral Sciences - National Development and Research Institutes (2010 - 2012)
Doctor of Education, Health and Behavior Studies - Teachers College, Columbia University (2010)
Master of Science, Applied Statistics - Teachers College, Columbia University (2011)
Bachelor of Science, Biological and Environmental Engineering - Cornell University (2005)

Scholarly Interests

Identifying patterns of risk behaviors among vulnerable youth; developing, implementing, and evaluating school-based health education programs; identifying environmental strategies and characteristics that influence health behaviors; applying bioinformatic methods to large public health and education data sets as a means of exploring complex social problems that affect youth's quality of health, engagement in academics, and ability to learn.

Selected Publications

*Denotes Teachers College student authors.

Rajan, S., Weishaar, T.*, & Keller, B. (2016). Weight and skin color as predictors of vitamin D status: Results of an epidemiological investigation using nationally representative data. In press at Public Health Nutrition.

Weishaar, T.*, Rajan, S., & Keller, B. (2016). Probability of vitamin D deficiency by body weight and race-ethnicity. In press at Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine.

Pelcher, A.* & Rajan, S. (2016). After-school program implementation in urban environments: Increasing engagement among adolescent youth.In press at Journal of School Health.

Rajan, S., Namdar, R., & Ruggles, K.V. (2015). Aggressive and violent behaviors in the school environment among a nationally representative sample of adolescent youth. Journal of School Health, 85(7), 446 - 457.

Aronson, I.D., Marsch, L.A., Rajan, S., Koken, J., & Bania, T.C. (2015). Computer-based video to increase HIV testing among emergency department patients who decline. AIDS and Behavior, 19(3), 516 - 522. 

Ruggles, K.V. & Rajan, S. (2014). Gun possession among American youth: A discovery-based approach to understand gun violence. PLOS ONE, 9(11): e111893.

Basch, C.E., Basch, C.B., Ruggles, K.V., & Rajan, S. (2014). Prevalence of sleep duration on an average school night among four nationally representative successive samples of American high school students (2007 - 2013). Preventing Chronic Disease, 11: 140383.

Weishaar, T.* & Rajan, S. (2014). Importance of body weight and skin color in determining appropriate vitamin D3 supplement doses for children and adolescents. Pediatric Research, 77(2), 370 - 375. 

Leonard, N.R., Rajan, S., Aregbesola, T., & Gwadz, M. (2014). HIV testing patterns among urban YMSM of color. Health Education and Behavior, 41(6), 673-681.

Aronson, I.D., Rajan, S., Marsch, L.A., & Bania, T.C. (2013).  Interactions between learning and HIV testing following a technology-based intervention. Health Education and Behavior, 41(3), 259 - 266.

Rajan, S.,  Basch, C.H., & Ethan, D. (2013). Observational data collection of environmental and behavioral characteristics: Strengths, limitations, and implications for health communication. Journal of Mass Communication and Journalism, 3:e141.

Rajan, S., Leonard, N.R. Fletcher, R., Casarijan, B., Casarijan, R., & Cisse, C. (2012). Ambulatory autonomic activity monitoring among at-risk adolescent mothers. Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine, 1(3), 25 - 31.

Simmons, J., Rajan, S., & McMahon, J. (2012).  Retrospective accounts of injection initiation in intimate partnerships. International Journal of Drug Policy, 23(4), 303 - 311.

Rajan, S. & Basch, C.E. (2012). Fidelity of after-school program implementation targeting adolescent youth: Identifying successful curricular and programmatic characteristics. Journal of School Health, 82(4), 159-165.

Barker, M. & Rajan, S. (2009).  "Girls on Track" Curriculum.  Published by Girls on the Run, International; Copyright 2009 by Girls on the Run, International and Molly Barker. 


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