Research Vision for DFI

The Teachers College Digital Futures Institute aims to launch a robust research and development agenda to study the latest advancements in technologies and assess their impacts across diverse educational contexts.

We build upon the rich digital research landscape at Teachers College with projects spread out across departments, centers, and labs, where our colleagues are leading research efforts in immersive digital learning, extended reality, media and civic engagement, artificial intelligence and robotics, maker education, digital literacies, and much more. These projects pose timeless, as well as timely questions, about different aspects of learning, teaching, wellness, community, childhood, among many other topics vital to study of education, health, and psychology.

DFI aims to galvanize these efforts to serve as an interdisciplinary hub that provides the infrastructure necessary to catalyze and amplify digital innovation research and practice at the College.

Check back here to see the latest from our affiliated faculty, centers, and labs where innovation is thriving.

Affiliated Faculty

Nathan Holbert

Assistant Professor of Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design

Haeny Yoon

Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education

Detra Price-Dennis

Associate Professor of Education

Ioana literat

Ioana Literat

Assistant Professor of Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design

Paulo Blikstein

Paulo Blikstein

Associate Professor of Communications, Media and Learning Technologies Design

Sonali Rajan

Sonali Rajan

Associate Professor of Health Education

Olga Hubard

Associate Professor of Art Education

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Affiliated Labs & Centers


Media and Social Change Lab (MASCLab)

Media and Social Change Lab (MASCLab) supports media creation intended to spark social change, and the critical curation of and engagement with media through the lens of its impact on society.  Our research and scholarship interrogates how media and society influence each other, multimedia-based research methodologies, and the development of pedagogy that uses media to foster civic engagement. MASCLab is housed in the Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Snowday Learning Lab

Snow Day Learning Lab

The Snow Day Learning Lab is the research group and design laboratory of Professor Nathan Holbert and is located at Teachers College, Columbia University. Our primary goal is to understand how people make sense of their world through play. To that end, we make and study games, toys, tools and technologies that offer opportunities to experience and explore things of personal and communal value, and further our understanding of how people think, learn, and play.

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