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If you are looking to add a CA/TA to a course, you will need to contact the Service Desk at servicedesk@tc.columbia.edu. Please note that TC’s policy requires anyone added to a course as a CA/TA, or Course Tech Specialist must to be hired by the College for that work. For more details, please see the Student Access to Learning Management System Courses policy.

  1. Watch this 3-minute video that explains how to add resources to your Course Resource List.
  2. For additional information about adding to our Course Resource list, you will need to contact the Library
  1. If the student is auditing the course, you can add the student by following these steps.
  2. If you need to add a student who will receive a grade for the course, that student will need to contact the registrar at registrar@tc.columbia.edu to make sure they have registered.

*Note, it can take up to 48 hours for students to be added to a Canvas course once they have registered

  1. To schedule support ahead of time for classroom technology, you will need to fill out a Media Services request form
  2. If you need support while you are in the classroom, you can use a classroom phone to dial extension 3300 and press option 1. To use your cell phone, dial (212)678-3300 and press option 1.
  1. Before adding a Padlet, ensure you are logged into your TC Padlet account by using the URL http://teacherscollege120.padlet.com
  2. Then, you can follow these steps to:
    1. Create a TC Padlet
    2. Embed a TC Padlet into a Canvas page
  1. If you are the instructor of a course, you can copy that course into another course in which you are the instructor
  2. If you weren’t the previous instructor and still need the course copied, you will need to get permission from the instructor and forward that permission to servicedesk@tc.columbia.edu
  1. Your course may not appear on your Canvas dashboard due to the course not being selected as a favorite within your dashboard. Select the course you want to appear on your Canvas dashboard
  2. If your course is still not appearing within Canvas, check the TC Course Schedule. If you see your name listed as the instructor for a course, but don’t see that course in Canvas, contact DFI.
  3. If your name does not appear on the TC Course Schedulefor a specific course, please contact your department’s DAA.
  1. Turnitin is automatically available for all faculty in Canvas. To create a Turnitin assignment, follow these steps
  2. If you want to use Turnitin to submit an individual paper, follow these steps

To extend and access a past course, you can follow these steps

As noted in an email sent by the TC Provost in April 2023, AI detection software tools can inaccurately flag a student’s original writing as AI generated text. Therefore, the results will not be used by TC to verify the authenticity of a student’s writing. To learn more about what DFI affiliated researchers and staff think about the educational possibilities of this technology, review our DFI ChatGPT and Other Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Classroom page.

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  1. If your course does not appear on your dashboard, you can mark it as a Favorite
  2. If you are registered, and cannot see your course in Canvas, your faculty instructor may not have published the course yet. The course can only be visible once this is done.
  3. If you still cannot find your course within Canvas, it could be that you have not registered for the course. Contact the registrar at registrar@tc.columbia.edu. Note that it can take 24 to 48 hours to appear in the course.
  1. If a Zoom link does not appear in your course, it could be that the instructor has chosen to not make Zoom available for this course or they have not uploaded a link. Contact your instructor to find out how Zoom will be offered within your course.
  2. If a faculty member assures you that the Zoom link should be present and it is not, have the faculty member open a ticket to troubleshoot the issue.
  1. Canvas courses are automatically set to be available to students for two years after the first day of class. Instructors have the option to close their courses in Canvas at any time without notice.
  2. If you need access and it’s been more than two years since the course ended, you’ll need to email the instructor to ask permission and ask them to change the Canvas course’s End Date.
  1. If you are a student in a course using Turnitin, the assignments will appear within the course once your faculty has created it.
  2.  If you are in Dissertation Seminar (75xx) or Dissertation Advisement (89xx) courses, you should have access to the Originality Check for Dissertations. If you do not, open a DFI ticket.

You can access the Honorlock chat for assistance.

If you are a cross-registered student, email servicedesk@tc.columbia.edu and include your email and the name of the TC course you have registered for. 

To receive email notifications of course announcements, follow these steps

To activate your TC Zoom account, follow these steps.

If you cannot access your Course Resource List, check with your instructor to see if they are using it within the course.

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