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The DFI Gallery was established in June of 2022 with the mission of promoting public scholarship by blending research, media, and art. We invite visitors to explore new ways to connect, imagine, and engage in the immersive experiences designed in this space. 


September 2023

double exposed photo of two the back of two people sitting on a hill in the fog

A Multimodal Dissertations Exhibition (Series 1) 

What can multimodal research look like and how might that shape the forms a dissertation takes? As part of an ongoing effort to archive, showcase, and discuss multimodal dissertations, this exhibition highlights five dissertations from scholars associated with Teachers College.  From comic books, to dance, to podcasts, to photographs, to sculpture, each of these examples finds a way to go beyond the written page. 

This exhibit explores how scholars are bridging the gap between research, practice, and audience with their creative dissertations. These alternative modes of scholarly expression provide insight into different ways data can be collected and responded to in a mediated, digital, multimodal world. 

As the seed of an archive, Modes speaks to the future paths of scholarship.


February 2023

white silhouettes of two groups of people superimposed like shadows on a wall


There has been little time to question the Zoom platforms we stepped into to fulfill remote means of contact. We clicked into two-dimensional frames that gallery alongside others in remote locations. 

Gestures Learning sets out to isolate and play with the silent gestures to stretch and reflect on what we quickly have come accustomed to. The gesture portals simply capture the shape of you and whoever else is in front of the other portal. 

As you stand here, look down the aisle and you will see a partner portal. If you have someone with you we invite them to walk to the other portal, or just be patient and catch a glimpse of another person walking by. 

What were your first thoughts on Zoom? What do you think you could communicate through the gesture portals? 

Freedom Dreaming for Educational Justice

October 2022

Freedom Dreaming for Educational Justice 
An exhibition of artwork exploring education dreams by K12 educators, students, and university faculty 
October 13-27, 2022 
DFI Gallery (5th floor of Russell Hall) 
Exhibition Operating Hours
Monday- Thursday 9-7p
Friday 11-5p
Saturday 4-7p
Sunday 12-5p
The Freedom Dreaming for Educational Justice project explores the possibilities of designing new educational futures through the arts.  This public engagement research project brought together K-12 educators, aspiring teachers and mental health counselors, K-12 students, authors, artists, faculty, and the broader community to create education freedom dreams for exhibition in online and public spaces. Inspired by concepts of freedom dreaming within the work of Robin D. G. Kelley and the abolitionist scholarship of Bettina L. Love, this diverse collective has engaged in arts-based inquiries into the creation of more equitable and humanizing educational spaces. 
On October 13th, join members of the Freedom Dreamers Collective for a gallery talk as they reflect on their exhibition of artwork: Christina Pepe, Matt Pinchinat, Amy Salamone, Fatima Shah, Leah Werther, and Dr. Kelly Wissman. They will be joined by Prof. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz of Teachers College, whose writing and scholarship served as one of the inspirations for the educators’ yearlong inquiry. 
On October 14th, DFI will host an interactive art-making experience with University of Albany professor Dr. Kelly Wissman for children and families to explore freedom dreaming and educational justice through arts-based activities.


June-September 2022

BUILDING FUNGITOPIA is a series of STEAM workshops for NYC youth to engage in biotechnology framed as an ecologically mindful space to work with fungi. Through hands-on making at the Snow Day Learning Lab and exploration at Riverside Park, we imagine future worlds where things are grown instead of built and where students learn with nature rather than only about it. The study of biotechnology as a learning space reveals the entangled dynamics between humans and nature, ancient and future technologies, organic and artificial materials, and indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

Isabel Correa
Nathan Holbert
Lucius Von Joo
Ayse Unal
Blake Danzig
Chenyou Wu

The city of Soteria captures experiences from the physical world and represents them in the immersive virtual reality to enhance an exchange of social support, and in doing so, reduce social isolation. In Soteria, remote workers will engage in self-disclosure, thereby bettering social connectedness and well-being during an unprecedented time, and in an expansive virtual cityscape.

Team Cerberus:

Jordan Burkland
Grace J. Choi
Blake DanzigPeople’s

Choice Award,
Innovation Award (INA) 2022

THE SECRETS OF IRIS AND HERMES refers to ancient Greek gods whose roles were to deliver important messages to faraway places. Communicating at a distance has always captured the human imagination—from drums to beacons to the telegraph and beyond, we have continuously explored ways to encode our messages in forms that can be delivered at greater distances and with greater speed and accuracy. These Wi-Fi connected toys provide children with a panel of lights, switches, and dials that they can use to create their own coded messages and communicate secretly with a friend, exploring computational thinking and communications concepts in a meaningful way.

David Zikovitz
Tools and Toys for Knowledge Construction Final Project
ACM Interaction Design and Children 2022 Demo

People’s Choice Award,
Innovation Award (INA) 2022

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