Artificial Intelligence in education

Artificial Intelligence in Education

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AI in Education

With the release of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that generates text responses to prompts, and its subsequent banning in multiple school districts across the country, increased attention is being paid to the challenges and opportunities these types of tools present. DFI is creating and collecting resources to help envision new educational possibilities with this and other AI technologies.

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Developing a Generative AI Policy for Your Course

See the guidance the TC AI and Pedagogy Working Group provided for developing policies for your course about student use of generative AI. The guide includes examples of statements that can be added to your course syllabus.

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Recommendations for Generative AI Use at TC

The TC AI and Pedagogy Working Group has developed a list of recommendations for using generative AI when teaching at TC. The group is facilitated by DFI and includes TC faculty and staff.

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Thinking about Assessment in the Time of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Assessment ideas that can assist with academic integrity concerns that may arise with students using generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT and Bard.

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Lesson Ideas and Reflections

DFI affiliated researchers and staff contributed to a collaborative document where they began to envision new educational possibilities with this technology. Click on the Learn More button to see highlights from that exchange. We encourage you to engage with these ideas and explore ways that AI might inform your teaching.

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AI in the Classroom Video Interviews

This Spring, DFI conducted a series of interviews with Teachers College students and faculty about how "artificial intelligence" tools have intersected with their teaching and research in the classroom and beyond. They discuss platforms such as ChatGPT, Dall-E 2, and BARD, and delve into ethical and practical questions, as well as pedagogical possibilities, of using AI in education.

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"/imagine [PROMPT]": A Chat with @MidJourneyBot, or 10 Provocations for the Future of Media Literacy

Ioana Literat, Associate Professor of Communication, uses Midjourney AI to visually imagine 10 necessary directions for work on media literacy and misinformation.

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DFI has collected a range of resources that can help support your teaching whether you are new to AI or an experienced user.

AI EdTech Reviews

Discover the latest AI educational technology tools designed to enhance teaching and learning. Our series of short videos demonstrates popular new AI EdTech products, providing insights into their benefits and challenges to help educators navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

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