Teachers College Digital Futures Institute (DFI) is an interdisciplinary hub for digital innovation, with a mission to advance more just social futures that is driven by research, pedagogy, and public engagement.

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Our Approach

DFI builds upon a strong legacy of innovation at Teachers College, beginning with The College’s very founding on principles of equity and justice. Over the past several decades, Teachers College has continued to innovate in its technology landscape, with one eye on meeting community needs and another eye focused on innovation just past the horizon. DFI holds these commitments together under a dual mandate of Service and Scholarship.


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Our teams work together to provide continued excellence in course design, media creation, curating and designing immersive learning experiences, training and access to instructional and research software, and other needs that arise. DFI’s menu of services will continue to evolve in response to institutional needs and capacity.


Abdul Malik Muftau

Abdul Malik Muftau

Project Operations Lead

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Ana Gomez-Taylor

Project Coordinator

Anna Charles picture

Anna Auguste Charles

Operations Manager (Smith Learning Theater)

Billy Collins photo

Billy Collins

Studio and Media Producer

Brianne Minaudo photo

Brianne Minaudo

Instructional Designer

Charles Lang photo

Charles Lang

Senior Executive Director

Chris Moffett


Clare Berends

Principal Instructional Designer (Technology)

Debbie Beaudry photo

Debbie Beaudry

Director of Academic Technology

Delciane Wright photo

Delciane Wright

Admin Tech Fellow Coordinator

Eddie Sim

Part-time DFI Associate

Ernest Chan photo

Ernest Chan

Instructional Designer

Farida Yusif photo

Farida Yusif

Part-Time Production Associate

Jen Lee photo

Jen Lee

Media Producer

Joe Riina-Ferrie

Joe Riina-Ferrie

Educational Media Researcher

John Park, Ph.D

Principal Academic & Research Technologies

Lalitha Vasudevan

Lalitha Vasudevan

Managing Director and Vice Dean for Digital Innovation

Minh Le

Minh Le

Principal Instructional Designer (Media)

Moira Mccavana

Work Study

Rochelle Thomas

Rochelle Thomas

Director of Strategy, Planning and Operations

Xin Rong Yeo photo

Xin Rong Yeo

Professional Service and Tech

Instructional Support Associates

Brennan Harris photo

Brennan Harris

Johanna Guastaferro photo

Johanna Guastaferro

Itewari Ekpebu

Richard Tran photo

Richard Tran

Sasha Von-Blasingame image

Sasha Von Blasingame

Taylor Jones photos

Taylor Jones

Research Assistants

Apeksha Mewani picture

Apeksha Mewani

Ayse Unal

Catherine Cheng Stahl photo

Catherine Stahl

profile photo of Lucius Von Joo

Lucius Von Joo

Lum Fube

Affiliated Researchers

Nathan Holbert

Associate Professor of Communication, Media and Learning Technology Design

Haeny Yoon

Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education

Detra Price-Dennis

Detra Michelle Price-Dennis

Associate Professor of Communication, Media and Learning Technology Design

Ioana Literat

Ioana Literat

Associate Professor of Communications, Computing and Technology in Education

Sonali Rajan

Sonali Rajan

Associate Professor of Health Education

Olga Hubard

Associate Professor of Art Education

Jackie Simmons photo

Jacqueline Ann Simmons

Senior Lecturer

Joey Lee photo

Joey Lee


Work With Us

Job Opportunities

Join our team! Search for current job opportunities at DFI and check back often as our team continues to grow.


We are open to partnering with colleagues within and outside of Teachers College whose work intersects with DFI's priorities and provide opportunities for mutual growth and inquiry. Partnerships can be supported through grants or other forms of in-kind support. Contact us to learn more.

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