Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design

Welcome to the Communication, Media, & Learning Technologies Design program

The Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design program prepares students to develop leadership capacities in the fields of information and communication technologies within education and society. Our students play a constructive role in shaping new innovations in education. The coursework is broad, encompassing video, computer-based media, digital and non-digital game-based learning, and the role of communication and media in society.

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We use methods of the social sciences, encompassing both qualitative and quantitative approaches to the study of communication and education. Our courses focus on how education and other social systems change under the impact of new media. We offer three degrees:

We prepare students to design, develop, implement and evaluate digital games for learning and behavior in both formal and informal educational settings. Our program is unique in that the curriculum is structured to examine game design from a combination of social, cultural, cognitive, and affective perspectives.

Graduate students in our program examine the following questions:

  • Which emerging technologies hold the greatest promise for enriching learning experiences throughout the educational enterprise?
  • What cognitive, social, and cultural theories of learning must be considered when designing educational tools, environments, and systems?
  • How should educators deploy, manage, and evaluate information and communication technologies in classrooms for optimal educational effect?
  • What principles of design and practice should educators incorporate into distributed educational courses and programs?

We offer three-degree levels:

We offer two degrees for those wishing to gain initial certification in Technology Specialist in New York State. One is intended for pre-service teachers and the other for those already holind NYS certification in another content area. Both programs prepare individuals to use technology with students and to work effectively with teachers to help them learn to use technology, design curriculum, and implement classroom projects in which technology is well integrated.

This program is for those who teach in K-12 schools or who have an interest in working with technology in schools. Students engage in course work through different combinations of online asynchronous discussion forums and web video meetings. Courses in this program emphasize inquiry, reflection, active project work, and interaction between students and between students and instructors.

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