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Center Hours

Fall and Spring Hours
Mon - Thurs, 1pm - 7pm

Summer Hours
Summer A Term: Mon - Thurs, 12pm - 5pm
Summer B Term: By appointment

Phone: 212-678-3789
Office: Thorndike Hall, Room 155


The Graduate Writing Center, a branch of the Office of Student Affairs, offers a variety of writing services to the Teachers College community. During private consultations, students have the opportunity to focus on any aspect of their writing with one of our qualified advisors. The types of assistance often sought are on both the micro and macro levels, including brainstorming, organizing, drafting, and writing coaching and instruction. The Graduate Writing Center also offers workshops throughout the year on topics that meet the wide-reaching needs of the Teachers College population.

  • We provide qualified writing advisors to assist with a variety of writing tasks. 
  • We support students in practicing the many strategies effective writers use, from brainstorming to implementation.
  • We promote learning new writing skills for professional development.

Writing Groups - NEW!

The Graduate Writing Center is pleased to announce its newest initiative, writing groups.  The Teachers College Graduate Writing Center will facilitate Independent Writing Groups.  The Independent Writing Groups, which are organized in Fall semester, are for doctoral students at the dissertation writing stage.  The groups, facilitated by Graduate Writing Center staff, are offered in the Spring and sometimes Summer.  

Graduate students who are trying to organize their own independent writing groups may contact us for information on best practices throughout the year.  Email questions to with "Independent Writing Group" in the subject line.  

Please look for additional information beginning Spring 2015.  


The Graduate Writing Center is not currently hiring.

Upcoming Workshops

Intro to Academic Writing

Friday, January 29th, 10:30am-12pm

Location: 361 Grace Dodge Hall

Intro to APA

Saturday, February 13th, 9:30am-12pm

Location: 277 Grace Dodge Hall

Concept Mapping

Saturday, March 5th, 9:30am-12pm

Location: Horace Mann Hall 436

Literature Review

Saturday, April 9th, 9:30am-12pm

Location: TBA

Please send an RSVP email to: