Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please consult the answers below to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Graduate Writing Center: 

Currently matriculated degree-granting TC student from any department/program is welcome to schedule a consultation. It's possible that you have always thought of yourself as a "pretty good writer", but we believe all writers need trusted readers and deserve quality feedback. Writers at any skill level or at any stage in their writing process can schedule a consultation. Please note, however, we do not provide editing or proofreading services.

Many instructors say that student writing improves after receiving quality feedback. As a writer, you will notice when you visit the Graduate Writing Center that the process of revision is more productive; you may find yourself paying much more attention to your writing style, spending more time developing ideas, and beginning to think more confidently of yourself as a writer. 

When you walk into the Graduate Writing Center, your consultant will want to know about you, what you are working on, and what goals you have for your writing. The session is based on what you tell us you'd like to work on. We don't take your paper and mark errors. Typically, we read your paper with you and work through problem areas that you've indicated you'd like to work on. Our goal is to help you gain a better sense of yourself as a writer, while you revise and improve a paper. 

Come to your session with your questions, ideas, notes, doodles, and assignment guide(s). Bring your writing, no matter where you are in the process. Please, always bring a printed copy of your work. 

Students have worked with consultants on concept mapping, generating ideas, checking the format of their references, and reorganizing sentences and paragraphs. At the Writing Center, we've seen it all and we welcome your work next!

We are not an editing or proofreading service. We are happy to work with you throughout any stage of the writing process, but our goal is to address target areas pinpointed by you. We want to help you excel, but we do not provide editing services. 

What is it?

The GWC is excited to pilot an asynchronous tutoring program for reading response papers. Asynchronous tutoring, also called e-tutoring, offers flexible support to help writers strengthen their work, while understanding the demands of busy schedules and virtual learning in different time zones. This is NOT a copyediting service. 


Who is this service for?

Clients best suited to asynchronous consultations are strong independent writers looking to get support in developing and enhancing a clear personal voice. This is not the service for reviewing discovery drafts or brainstorming ideas. Those requiring more assistance with grammar, writing conventions, and in-text citations should make appointments for synchronous consultations.


How does it work?

Clients book an open slot on the e-tutoring schedule and submit a written work online, identifying their main questions and concerns. A consultant will review the piece and respond electronically, within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment slot. Clients will receive written comments and margin notes addressing strengths and weaknesses and feedback on areas of concern.


What can I submit?

Response papers only, 5 pages maximum

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