Workshop Descriptions

Workshops Descriptions

Below are descriptions of offered virtually, hybrid, or in-person by the GWC:

Introduction to Academic Writing

Learn how to approach graduate level reading and writing, tips about organization and academic conventions, strategies for writing and proofreading, as well as helpful hints for finding and utilizing resources. 

This workshop is occasionally offered. 

Academic Reading

This workshop helps you develop a skill set for reading actively and strategies for reading with purpose. Various academic texts will be discussed, as well as techniques for focusing attention and enhancing retention.

This workshop is frequently offered. 

Introduction to APA Formatting

This workshop will provide a general framework for using APA 7th edition including in-text citations, references, bias-free language, paper formatting and writing conventions.

This workshop is frequently offered. It is also offered as an asynchronous webinar

Concept Mapping

Writers are often challenged with organizing their thoughts while preparing a paper. This workshop will help you to generate ideas, organize your research, and communicate those complex ideas. Please bring developing ideas or work in-progress on literature reviews or research papers.

This workshop is occasionally offered.

Conference Proposals

This workshop walks you through the step by step process of drafting and submitting a conference proposal and what to do once you are accepted.

This workshop is occasionally offered. It is also offered as an asynchronous webinar.

Goal Setting

Having trouble finishing a larger writing project?  Stuck in the dissertation slog?  This workshop is designed to help you set mangable SMART goals and get that writing done through an attainable timeline.  

This workshop is occasionally offered. It is also available as an asynchronous webinar.

Writing Literature Reviews

This workshop will cover what a literature review is, how to develop a topic, how to organize source notes, and how to structure and write the review.

This workshop is frequently offered. It is also available as an asyncronous webinar.

Masters Thesis Bootcamp

The GWC is hosting a Masters Thesis Boot Camp, a small-group opportunity to write in solidarity with other masters students on your thesis or integrative project. An advisor will lead participants through goal-setting activities, discuss strategies for productive writing and offer advice on problem areas.

Bootcamps are routinely held over the Spring recess and priority is given to students planning to graduate in May. 

This bootcamp is occasionally offered.


Introduction to Narrative & Reflective Writing

This workshop will explore the purpose and types of narrative and reflective writing. Join us for advice on organization, sourcing, and academic conventions.

This workshop is frequently offered.

Note-taking and Organizational Workflow Strategies

In this workshop, you will learn various strategies and tools for more effective academic note-taking and organization.

This workshop is frequently offered.

Oral Presentations

Presenting your work orally is an important scholarly skill. This workshop will discuss strategies for boiling down your research into something you can present in limited time, methods for best conveying complex ideas to a wide audience, and rhetorical skills that do and do not transfer from written work.

This workshop is occasionally offered.

Personal Statements 

Learn how to market your hard work, to present yourself and your achievements to an Admissions Committee. This workshop will cover many aspects of the writing process -- from targeting your audience to brainstorming to drafting, revising, and redrafting a successful statement. Come prepared with your notes as many GWC consultants will be on hand to work with you on your specific concerns.

This workshop is occasionally offered.

Reading Responses 

This workshop will explore tackling weekly reading responses.  We will discuss types of prompts assigned, how to break down prompts and the distinction between responding and summarizing. 

This workshop is occasionally offered.

Writing Clinically 

Learn about the purposes of clinical writing and how to maintain clarity and objectivity in your clinical writing. Understand the process of synthesizing pertinent clinical information into clear and concise documentation in assessment, progress note, and treatment plan format across different clinical settings.

This workshop is occasionally offered. It is also offered as an asynchronous webinar.

Writing for Publication

In this workshop, learn about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into academic publishing from grad students' perspectives. Topics explored include finding a home for your writing, navigating co-authoring, preparing the manuscript, revising, dealing with rejection, building out writing resources, and many more.

This workshop is occasionally offered. It is also offered as an asynchronous webinar.

Back to Basics

This 4-part series will focus on identifying and correcting common grammatical and mechanical errors designed to improve your writing confidence and fluency.

This workshop is occasionally offered.

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