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Office of International Services
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Office of International Services

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scholarship organizations

The following is a list of various organizations that have provided funding opportunities for students. Please note that the scholarships offered by these organizations vary in terms of amounts, restrictions, and requirements. When researching scholarships, consider the following factors:
  • Does the organization require that you apply from your home country prior to embarking upon studies, or only after you have entered a full-time program?
  • Do you have to be a citizen of a particular country?
  • Do you have to be engaged in a particular field of study?
  • Do you have to be at a particular degree level (e.g., master's versus doctorate)
  • Does the scholarship provide tuition support only, or funds for living expenses as well?

When seeking scholarship support, it is essential to plan ahead and research application requirements carefully. Many organizations require that applications be submitted months, and even up to a year, in advance.

International and Regional Organizations and Exchange / Fulbright Programs

Scholarships for Women

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