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Principles and Practices of Organization Development Program

Executive Education Programs in Change and Consultation

Learning Objectives

PPOD is a two-part executive education workshop that provides participants with core concepts and skills necessary for managing and leading change inside organizations and for consulting to organizations and teams. A highly participative learning experience, PPOD offers participants many opportunities for building skills and learning through practice.

We believe the application of new knowledge and skills in the context of practical experience enhances participant learning and is consistent with current adult development research.  As every participant arrives with different needs and preferred ways of learning, we provide a diverse array of learning opportunities (i.e., lecture, case study, practical exercises, and reflection time) geared toward individual development within a community of practice. We intend to create a diverse learning community characterized by openness, collaboration, and commitment to personal and collective development as follows:

  • We will help expand your professional and personal tool kit by introducing you to new knowledge in the form of theories, best practices, and skills.

  • You will practice these new ideas through hands-on experience. 

  • Through peer and self assessment, you will receive feedback throughout the program.

  • By reflecting on past and current experiences, you will develop more self-awareness as well as the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a better practitioner in the field.

Participants in this workshop series:

  • Examine systematically the dynamics of entry, diagnosis, planning, intervention, and sustainability that occur during organization change efforts

  • Recognize and understand the intricate relationship between the strategic business plan of the organization and the role of organization development

  • Develop and enhance conceptual and behavioral skills to implement system-wide organization change efforts 

  • Explore and clarify their assumptions, beliefs, and values about organizations and the nature of the change process

  • Develop and sharpen their understanding of how evidence-based practice can be used to enhance organization and team effectiveness and vitality

  • Enhance self-awareness and understanding of group process in order to heighten consultation skills and to perform roles more effectively

  • Increase skills in selecting, administering, and interpreting assessment data on organizational effectiveness

  • Learn how to implement organization development programs especially at the individual and work group levels

  • Practice and enhance skills in evaluating the outcomes of organization change efforts

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