About Us

About Us

The actions of the Senate are meant to promote students' social and general welfare by serving as the representative, advocate of, and liaison to the student body to the Teachers College and Columbia University communities, including its administration, faculty, staff, and alumni. We work to gather and express student opinion while fostering communication regarding College-wide issues to the student body; to develop a cohesive community by nurturing a sense of friendship and respect within Teachers College and our larger University community and neighborhood; and to welcome the collaboration and participation of students, administration, faculty, staff, and alumni.

We dedicate the Student Senate activities to the college's mission of diversity and to embrace and promote the rich diversity, community, and civility of the student body; to encourage student organizations to develop and implement activities that serve Teachers College students and the larger University community; and, to discuss matters concerning the broader University community and present and support conclusions to the University Senate and the University administration.

Below is a picture of the Teachers College Student Senate & Leadership.

The student Senate members and the President's Executive Leadership of TC

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