Assessment and Evaluation Research Initiative

At AERI, we remain ever-committed to our mission--promoting meaningful use of assessment and evaluation information around the world and across disciplines--with education as our primary field of action. Please take a look at our latest endeavors, and join us in events or projects that align with your interests and areas of expertise.

AERI's work is made possible through the commitments and expertise of numerous scholars, practitioners and partners who engage with us in person or virtually. Our friends today are international, multidisciplinary, and expanding. Together, we continue to learn, innovate, and search for better solutions to critical assessment and evaluation issues of the day. Thanks to our sponsors, funders, and friends for their support and interest in our work.

Members of AERI and CUMC pose together

A Productive AERI-CUMC Partnership Begins

AERI's collaboration with CUMC's Dept. of Anesthesiology led to two presentations at the Academic Evening on May 29, 2019, and more.

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Madhabi Chatterji ESSA

A Consumer’s Guide to Testing under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA):

What Can the Common Core and Other ESSA Assessments Tell Us?

Madhabi Chatterji offers a “consumer’s guide” to prevent a potential new wave of misguided education assessment outcomes

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Enhancing Educational Quality

Enhancing Educational Quality

AERI Begins Partnership with the Columbia Global Center - Mumbai on Enhancing Educational Quality

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Photos of AERI activities at conferences

Current Activities

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