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Assessment and Evaluation Research Initiative

Department of Organization and Leadership

Journal Articles

I.  Special Issue: Assessment, Accountability, and Quality
    Edited by Madhabi Chatterji
    Quality Assurance in Education, Volume 115, Issue 4, 2014

    See below for articles produced by AERI

Can today's standardized achievement tests yield instructionally useful data?: Challenges, promises and the state of the art

2014 / W. James Popham, David C. Berliner, Neal M. Kingston, Susan H. Fuhrman, Steven M. Ladd, Jeffrey Charbonneau, Madhabi Chatterji

On the merits of, and myths about, international assessments

2014 / Oren Pizmony-Levy, James Harvey, William H. Schmidt, Richard Noonan, Laura Engel, Michael J. Feuer, Henry Braun, Carla Santorno, Iris C. Rotberg, Paul Ash, Madhabi Chatterji, Judith Torney-Purta

Brining formative classroom assessment to schools and making it count

2014 / Edmund W. Gordon, Michael V. McGill, Deanna Iceman Sands, Kelley M. Kalinich, James W. Pellegrino, Madhabi Chatterji

II.  When Education Measures Go Public – Stakeholder Perspectives on How and Why Validity Breaks Down
     Edited by Madhabi Chatterji
     Teachers College Record, Volume 115, Number 9, 2013
     See below for articles produced by AERI

Pub DateTitleAuthor(s)Download 
2013 Bad tests or bad test use? A case of SAT use to examine why we need stakeholder conversation on validity Madhabi Chatterji Download
2013 The chimera of validity Eva Baker Download
2013 The will to quantify: The “Bottom Line” in the market model of educational reform Leo Casey Download
2013 The politics of testing when measures "go public" Jeffrey Henig Download
2013 Trusting our judgment: Measurement and accountability for educational outcomes David Steiner Download
2013 Consequential validity and the transformation of tests from measurement tools to policy tools Kevin Welner Download
2013 Validity for what purpose? Lorrie Shepard Download