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Annual Report Cover - Strength to Strength

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From Strength to Strength

Building on What We Know to Shape a Better World

Teachers College Annual Report 2017

President's Message

Susan Fuhrman

Open quotesTC is modeling how to ask the right questions, collaborate in pursuit of the best possible answers and, when necessary, agree to disagree. These are the hallmarks of a thriving institution, and they give me great hope that we can help guide the world toward an equally bright future.Close quotes

Year In Review: Innovation

The work of Teachers College’s faculty, students and staff this past year includes devising new ways of preparing outstanding, culturally aware educators; reducing educational inequality; better understanding and empowering marginalized students and communities; developing more thoughtful and effective leaders across professions; and increasing access and opportunity for learners worldwide.

Rita Gold Center Preschoolers

Groundbreaking ResearchResearch

Groundbreaking Research

At TC, innovative problem-solving begins with evidence, built on knowledge accumulated over decades. Our work this year ranged from assessing the 2016 Presidential election’s educational impact to shedding new light on how poverty affects brain development in young children, to demonstrating that more military veterans struggle with the stresses of returning home than with combat trauma.

Urban Refugee Education

Real-world ImpactImpact

Real-world Impact

At TC, we apply our groundbreaking ideas to build a better world. Our work this year included a student contest to develop new education technologies; a project to establish a Constitutional right to education; creation of a World Health Organization manual on treating depression among refugees; and development of a robotic device to assist in movement disorder therapy.

TC Tech Room

New Classes and ProgramsPrograms

New Classes and Programs

The College has added more than 35 new programs, courses and certificates since 2006 – including many with online or blending online and classroom teaching – in an effort to respond to a changing world in which people’s learning needs require customized settings, time frames and content.

Year In Review - In the Community

Diversity & Community Affairs

ODCA encourages the TC community to listen, learn, educate and work together.

2017 Brantley Winners

School & Community Partnerships

OSCP connects Teachers College’s resources to local public schools.

Katy Ho TCCS


Suzanne M. Murphy, Vice President for Development and External Affairs

Open quotesThe drinks and dinner have been served. But the conversation remains in full swing. New guests continue to arrive. Everyone’s having too good a time to go home. Best of all, the talk – in every corner – is about how to create a better world.Close quotes

In Our Corner

TC's supporters know our strengths and are helping us build on them.

Honor Roll of Donors

Thanks to our passionate and visionary community of donors, our historic Campaign, Where The Future Comes First, has exceeded its original target and now stands at $317 million raised. That includes just under $90 million toward our Number One goal of supporting student scholarship -- and we're not stopping there.


Rosella Garcia

Open quotesTC is a place where cutting-edge ideas arise from powerful traditions – including recent ones, like Academic Festival, Global TC Day and the proliferation of regional TC alumni groups around the globe. We’re building new TC traditions all the time – and we want you to be part of them!Close quotes


Teachers College Trustees, Officers, Senior Staff & Councils.

Landscape view of Teachers College
  • William D. Rueckert, Chair
  • Leslie Morse Nelson, Vice Chair
  • Lee C. Bollinger
  • Reveta F. Bowers
  • Laura E. Butzel
  • George J. Cigale
  • Geoffrey J. Colvin
  • James P. Comer
  • Joyce Berger Cowin
  • Nancy Rauch Douzinas
  • Dawn Duquès
  • Lise B. Evans
  • Susan H. Fuhrman
  • Ruth L. Gottesman
  • Patricia Green
  • Diane K. Halvorsen
  • Helen Kahng Jaffe
  • Paul LeClerc
  • Eduardo J. Marti
  • C. Kent McGuire
  • Dailey Pattee
  • Valerie Rockefeller
  • Caroline Fribourg Rosen
  • E. John Rosenwald, Jr.
  • Marla L. Schaefer
  • Edith Shih
  • Nancy K. Simpkins
  • Camilla M. Smith
  • Carole L. Sleeper
  • Laura J. Sloate
  • Joshua N. Solomon
  • Milbrey “Missie” Rennie Taylor
  • Steven B. Wechsler
  • Sue Ann Weinberg
  • Bruce G. Wilcox
  • Christopher J. Williams

List updated Feb. 21, 2018

  • Cory A. Booker
  • Patricia M. Cloherty
  • Antonia M. Grumbach
  • Marjorie L. Hart
  • John W. Hyland, Jr.*
  • Elliot S. Jaffe
  • A. Clark Johnson, Jr.
  • Thomas H. Kean
  • John Klingenstein
  • Roland M. Machold
  • Enid W. Morse
  • J. Richard Munro
  • Abby M. O’Neill*
  • Jeffrey M. Peek
  • Charles O. Prince III
  • Elihu Rose
  • Donald M. Stewart
  • Laurie M. Tisch

 * Deceased

+ Katie Conway, Ed.D., Secretary to the College and Chief of Staff

Katie Embree, Ed.D., Vice Provost

Michael Feierman, General Counsel

+ Susan H. Fuhrman, Ph.D., President of the College

+ Thomas James, Ph.D., Provost & Dean of the College

+ Suzanne M. Murphy, Ed.M., Vice President for Development & External Affairs

Janice S. Robinson, Esq., Vice President for Diversity & Community Affairs

+ Harvey W. Spector, M.A., M.C.R.P., Vice President for Finance & Administration

Nancy W. Streim, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for School & Community Partnerships;
Special Advisor to the Provost, Columbia University

Officer of the College

The President’s Advisory Council is comprised of a distinguished group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including academia, policy making, and business who are a source of experience and expertise for the President of Teachers College.

  • Andrés A. Alonso
  • James G. Best
  • Anne O'H. Burleigh
  • Alice G. Elgart
  • Jinny M. Goldstein
  • Jon M. Gruenberg
  • Debra S. Heinrich
  • Frances Hesselbein
  • Jill W. Iscol
  • Leonard Jacoby
  • Jonathan A. Knee
  • Lisa J. Kohl
  • Mariam S. Korangy
  • Phyllis L. Kossoff
  • Melinda S. Krei
  • Betsy Shur Levy
  • Erin Leider-Pariser
  • Harold O. Levy
  • James P. Levy
  • Roy Lewicki
  • Thomas L. Rogers
  • Janna Spark
  • Alberta Strage
  • Charla J. Tindall
  • Charo Uceda
  • Elisa Gabelli Wilson
  • Elaine R. Wolfensohn

The voice of the Alumni Association is the Alumni Council, an elected advisory body of up to 35 members, who represent the diverse interests and needs of TC's former students and help shape alumni programming.

  • Marion Boultbee, President
  • Phillip Geiger, President Elect
  • Galit Ben-Joseph
  • Renee Blumstein
  • Beatrice Bridgall
  • Vicki Cohen
  • Francine Fabricant
  • Arnold Fege
  • Carmine Gibaldi
  • Michael Gillespie
  • Jennifer Iervolino
  • Myah Moore Irick
  • Beverly Johnson
  • Brian Kennerly
  • Emmanuel "Noel" Leyco
  • Shenzhan Liao
  • Leticia Lyle
  • Rory McCourt
  • Kathleen McNally
  • Jane Neapolitan
  • Belinda Nicholson
  • Jeffrey Putman
  • Michael Putman
  • Fran Riemer
  • Katherine "Kate" Sasha
  • Carla Shere
  • Jalene Spain Thomas
  • Courney Steers
  • Corlisse Thomas
  • Vanessa Tesoriero
  • Whitney Warner
  • Katherine Houghton Zatz
  • Rebecca E. Binder
  • Reveta F. Bowers
  • Susan S. Bram
  • Elizabeth Greenberg Livingston
  • John W. Hyland, Jr.*
  • Beverly E. Johnson
  • Linford L. Lougheed
  • Maryalice Mazzara
  • Leslie Morse Nelson
  • Vijayshree "Shonu" Pande
  • Dailey Pattee
  • Helen Pennoyer
  • Julie H. Ratner
  • Caroline Rosen
  • William D. Rueckert
  • Marla L. Schaefer
  • Camilla M. Smith
  • Joshua N. Solomon
  • Milbrey "Missie" Rennie Taylor

* Deceased

Financial Statement Highlights

The accompanying financial statements have been prepared on the accrual basis of accounting in accordance with standards established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) for external reporting.

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