Education Leadership Data Analytics

Welcome to ELDA

Education Leadership Data Analytics (ELDA) practitioners work collaboratively with schooling system leaders and teachers to analyze, pattern, and visualize previously unknown patterns and information from the vast sets of data collected by schooling organizations, and then integrate findings in easy to understand language and digital tools into collaborative and communitybuilding evidence-based improvement cycles with stakeholders.


Our Vision

Education Leadership Data Analytics (ELDA) Research Group helps school leaders make sense of the overwhelming data collected on a daily basis by applying contemporary big data, data mining, and data science analytic techniques. This highlights educational issues that are vital touchstones for orienting teachers, principals, superintendents, parents, and most importantly, students. By identifying and visualizing previously invisible patterns in data the ELDA team helps school leaders use rich and contextualized information for evidence-based improvement cycles with their teachers and students—allowing leaders to make well-informed decisions for leveraging their limited resources to address student needs. 

Our Pillars

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