Education Leadership Data Analytics 2023 Conference

Education Leadership Data Analytics (ELDA) is the emerging domain of research, practice, and policy in PK-12 education that focuses on bringing together four broad domains at the intersection of 1) Education Leadership, 2) Evidence Based Improvement Cycles, 3) Data Science, 4) and Equity-centered data practices. The Education Leadership Data Analytics 2023 Conference (#ELDA2023) at Teachers College, Columbia University is designed to bring together educators and administrators with research leaders and innovators working at the intersections of individual overlaps of two or more of these four circles in the Venn diagram. The ELDA 2023 Conference is designed to bring participants together across a wide variety of fields in education who work collaboratively with or within schools and districts, know how to facilitate and lead capacity building conversations with educators using evidence and data to build trust and collaboration, and work with data through open access code, analytics, data science, data visualizations and dashboards, data mining and machine learning, and statistics.

Past Meetings


Mapping 16 Equity Indicators to the New York City Schools Public Datasets: Access, Opportunity, and Outcomes (2022)

Despite significant progress, educational inequities remain one of the most pressing issues in New York City schools. To address these inequities, comprehensive information across the currently available public datasets is needed to map the available data to possible questions and indicators of success and challenges in addressing inequities across NYC schools.


Data Visualization, Dashboards, and Evidence Use in Schools: Data Collaborative Workshop Perspectives of Educators, Researchers, and Data Scientists (2021)

Educators globally are continually encouraged to use data to inform instructional improvement in schools, yet while there have been many recent innovations in data visualization and data science, educators are rarely included in dashboard co-design.

Education Leadership Data Analytics Summit

The Education Leadership Data Analytics (ELDA) Summit 2018 brought together educational professionals and data scientists to help school leaders understand how they can use data more effectively without feeling a loss of control or accountability. Education Leadership Data Analytics (ELDA) is an emerging domain that is centered at the intersection of education leadership, the use of evidence-based improvement cycles in schools to promote instructional improvement, and education data science. 

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