Lab Policies

The Games Research Lab is primarily for Teachers College students.  The lab welcomes any TC students who have an interest in games and play, either as part of their research or to inform themselves about the field.  Students from other Columbia schools may use the lab at the discretion of the lab staff member on duty. 

Students using the lab are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.  Put games, devices and books back where you found them!  A lab staff member can help you find the right place to put things away.

Students should not change the wiring on consoles or computers, and should not eat or drink at the computer workstations.  If you have trouble with the hardware, ask the lab staffer on duty for help.

Lab materials (games, consoles, books) may not be removed from the lab.  Students taking a game course, or who would like to check out the portable game cart for use in a class, should contact the lab assistant for special permission.

The lab is meant to be accessible to all students.  If you are asked to use headphones with your gameplay, either by a lab staff member or by other students using the lab, please comply.  A lab staffer can show you where headphones are kept.

If the lab staff member on duty has any other requests to make, we appreciate your cooperation!


Open Hours

Games research lab is open to CMLTD community during the open hours. You can visit the lab during the open hours to play games and mingle with other students. The game inventory is also available for check out by the CMLTD community.
The lab is often open outside the official hours, particularly in the mornings. While we cannot guarantee the lab's being open at any given time, students are welcome to use the lab and its resources anytime that a staff member is present.

In addition, we will make all reasonable accommodations to help students who would like to use the lab and cannot do so during our normal open hours.

Students who would like to volunteer to hold lab hours in the coming year should contact the lab's current Graduate Assistant.


Technology Inventory

CMLTD students may borrow games or tech from the lab. Please ask one of our lab volunteers to borrow equipment.

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