Joey smiling
Dr. Joey J Lee
Senior Lecturer

Scholarly interests

Games as design experiences for learning;

Social issue games;

Gamification, motivation design, and using game elements in classrooms and other educational contexts;


Yoo posing
Dr. Yoo Kyung Chang
Senior Lecturer

Scholarly interests

         Research interest: (Cognitive/Metacognitive/Affective) Learning Processes, Embedded Assessment,

         Educational Technology as Research tool, Data Visualization, Scaffolding Interactive Learning Processes


Sharleen Loh
Graduate Assistant

Program: Design and Development of Digital Games (M.A.)

Sharleen is passionate about designing explorative game-based experiences for learning and social change. She works with a wide range of media including analog, digital, AR, MR, and VR games, and is especially excited about innovating creative mechanics in experiential learning and embodiment.

Dr. Elliot Hu-Au

Program: Instructional Technology and Media (Ed.D)

Elliot recently completed his MA in Instructional Technology and Media here at TC and is now continuing his research as a doctoral student. He is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California and for over 10 years taught physics, math, and other classes at public and charter schools in Oakland and Berkeley. Through these experiences, Elliot was inspired to research how games, gamification, and virtual reality could be used to more effectively teach at-risk youth. His research focus is on VR/AR technologies and their possible role in science education. 

Previous Members

Charles smiling
Dr. Chuck Kinzer
Professor of Communication and Technology Education

Scholarly interests

Language and Literacy, specifically: Vocabulary development and reading comprehension; Memory processes in reading and writing; Models of reading and composing; Computer, multimedia, and "future literacies"

Dr. Stephanie Yang

Program: Instructional Technology and Media (Ed.D.)

Stephanie Yang has a background in computer science and media studies. Her major research interests include diversity and outreach in STEM education, computer science education, educational games, and instructional design.

Dr. Tom Toynton

Program: Instructional Technology and Media (Ed.D.)

Research interests: educational games and systems thinking.

Projects: Development of a board game that facilitates PnP RPG experiences, an educational board game that teaches the concept of The Commons, and game projects for the PoLAR Climate Change Education Partnership being funded by the National Science Foundation. 

The game lab includes students from multiple departments and programs who are doing research on games and play.  Student research projects range from MA theses to doctoral dissertations, and from curriculum development to laboratory experiments to hands-on

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