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Rose-Clarke, K., Pradhan, I., Shrestha, P., Prakash, B. K., Magar, J., Luitel, N. P., Jordans, M. J. & Verdeli, H (2020). Culturally and developmentally adapting group interpersonal therapy for adolescents with depression in rural Nepal. BMC psychology8(1), 1-15.

Kumar, M., Huang, K. Y., Saxena, S., Peterson, I., Unutzer, J., Hoagwood, K., Verdeli, H & Othieno, C. (2019, December). A Study Protocol for Adaptation and Modification of WHO endorsed Group-Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT-G) for Peripartum Adolescents in Kenya: INSPIRE Protocol Comparing a Full Length Versus Brief IPT-G. In 12 th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation. AcademyHealth.

Raviola, G., A. Rose, J. R. Fils-Aimé, T. Thérosmé, E. Affricot, C. Valentin, S. Daimyo, Coleman, W. Dubuisson, J. Wilson, H. Verdeli, G. Belkin, G. Jerome, & E. Eustache. "Development of a comprehensive, sustained community mental health system in post-earthquake Haiti, 2010–2019." Global Mental Health 7 (2020).

Alhomaizi, D.*, Verdeli, H., Van Slyke, J. A., Keenan, K., Foo, C. Y. S.*, Alhomaizi, A.*, & Manos, G. H. (2020). Adapting group interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT-G) for treating depression among military spouses at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP): Formative qualitative phase. Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health6(1), 28-37.

Shultz, J. M., Verdeli, H., Ceballos, Á. G., Hernandez, L. J., Espinel, Z., Helpman, L., & Araya, R. (2019). A pilot study of a stepped-care brief intervention to help psychologically-distressed women displaced by conflict in Bogotá, Colombia. Global Mental Health6.

Weissman, M. M., Wickramaratne, P., Gameroff, M. J., Warner, V., Pilowsky, D., Kohad, R. G., Verdeli, H., & Talati, A. (2016). Offspring of depressed parents: 30 years later. American Journal of Psychiatry173(10), 1024-1032.

Gomes, M. F., Chowdhary, N., Vousoura, E., & Verdeli, H. (2016). “When Grief Breaks Your Heart”: A Case Study of Interpersonal Psychotherapy Delivered in a Primary Care Setting. Journal of clinical psychology72(8), 807-817.

Lewandowski, R. E., Bolton, P. A., Feighery, A., Bass, J., Hamba, C., Stavrou, V., Ndogoni, L., & Verdeli, H. (2016). Local perceptions of the impact of group interpersonal psychotherapy in rural Uganda. Global Mental Health3.

Meffert, S. M., Neylan, T. C., Chambers, D. A., & Verdeli, H. (2016). Novel implementation research designs for scaling up global mental health care: overcoming translational challenges to address the world’s leading cause of disability. International journal of mental health systems10(1), 19.

Sherman, B. J., Vousoura, E., Wickramaratne, P., Warner, V., & Verdeli, H. (2016). Temperament and major depression: How does difficult temperament affect frequency, severity, and duration of major depressive episodes among offspring of parents with or without depression?. Journal of affective disorders200, 82-88.

Verdeli, H. (2016). Global Mental Health: An Introduction. Journal of clinical psychology72(8), 761-765.

Verdeli, H., Therosme, T., Eustache, E., Hilaire, O. S., Joseph, B., Sönmez, C. C., & Raviola, G. (2016). Community Norms and Human Rights: Supervising Haitian Colleagues on Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) With a Depressed and Abused Pregnant Woman. Journal of clinical psychology72(8), 847-855.

Ceballos, A. M. G., Andrade, A. C., Markowitz, T., & Verdeli, H. (2016). “You Pulled Me out of a Dark Well”: A Case Study of a Colombian Displaced Woman Empowered Through Interpersonal Counseling (IPC). Journal of clinical psychology72(8), 839-846.

Gomes, M. F., Chowdhary, N., Vousoura, E., & Verdeli, H. (2016). “When Grief Breaks Your Heart”: A Case Study of Interpersonal Psychotherapy Delivered in a Primary Care Setting. Journal of clinical psychology72(8), 807-817.

Opiyo, E., Ongeri, L., Rota, G., Verdeli, H., Neylan, T., & Meffert, S. (2016). Collaborative Interpersonal Psychotherapy for HIV‐Positive Women in Kenya: A Case Study From the Mental Health, HIV and Domestic Violence (MIND) Study. Journal of clinical psychology72(8), 779-783.

Sardana, S*., Marcus, M., & Verdeli, H. (2016). Narratives of Violence, Pathology, and Empowerment: Mental Health Needs Assessment of Home‐Based Female Sex Workers in Rural India. Journal of clinical psychology72(8), 827-838.

Lee, A. R., Wolf, R., Contento, I., Verdeli, H., & Green, P. H. R. (2016). Coeliac disease: the association between quality of life and social support network participation. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics29(3), 383-390.

Legha, R., Eustache, E., Therosme, T. Boyd, K., Reginald, F. A., Hilaire, G., Daimyo, S., Jerome, G., Verdeli, H., & Raviola, G. (2015). Taskshifting: translating theory into practice to build a community based mental health care system in rural Haiti. Intervention13(3), 248-267.

Chowdhary, N., Anand, A., Dimidjian, S., Shinde, S., Webong, B., Balaji, M., Hollon, S., Rahman, A., Wilson,G. T., Verdeli, H., Araya, R., King, M., Jordans, M. J. D., Fairburn, C., Kirkwood, B., & Patel, V. (2015). The Healthy Activity Program lay counsellor delivered treatment for severe depression in India: systematic development and randomised evaluation. The British Journal of Psychiatry208(1), 1063-1069. Doi: 10.1192/bjp.bp.114.161075

Shultz, J. M., Garfin, D. R., Espinel, Z., Araya, R., Oquendo, M. A., Wainberg, M. L., Chaskel, R., Gaviria, S.L., Ordóñez, A. E., Espinola, M., Wilson, F. E., García, N. M., Ceballos, A. M. G., Garcia-Barcena, Y., Verdeli, H., & Neria, Y. Internally displaced ‘victims of armed conflict’ in Colombia: the trajectory and trauma signature of forced migration. Current psychiatry reports16(10), 1-16. Doi: 10.1007/s11920-014-0475-7 

Teel, K. S.*, Verdeli, H., Wickramaratne, P., Warner, V., Vousoura,* E., Haroz, E. E., & Talati, A. (2015). Impact of a father figure’s presence in the household on children’s psychiatric diagnoses and functioning in families at high risk for depression. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 1-10. Doi: 10.1007/s10826-015-0239-y

Kennedy, R.*, Verdeli, H., Vousoura, E., Vidair, H., Gameroff, M. J., & Zeng, R. R. (2014). Incorporating evidence-based practices into psychotherapy training in clinical psychology Ph. D. programs in the United States. International Journal of Psychotherapy, 18(2), 21-38.

Vousoura, E.*, Spyropoulou, A. C., Koundi, K. L., Tzavara, C., Verdeli, H., Paparrigopoulos, T., Augoulea, A., Lambrinoudaki, I., & Zervas, I. M. (2015). Vasomotor and depression symptoms may be associated with different sleep disturbance patterns in postmenopausal women. Menopause22(10), 1.

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Published Abstracts

Sardana, S.,* Renaud, A.,* Jean-Pierre,* A., Cheng, B.,* & Verdeli, H. (2020). It Takes A Village to Save A Life in Northern Uganda: Recommendations on Suicide Risk Mitigation in Depressed Mothers within a Clinical Trial. Behaviour Research and Therapy130, 103645.

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* Indicates Teachers College Student

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