Gun Violence Prevention

Gripped by devastating mass shootings across the country, Americans are searching for answers to one of the most critical problems of our time. With cutting edge research that frames the epidemic through the lenses of public health, advocacy, education, community building and policy, Teachers College has assumed a lead role in addressing gun violence in the context of individual and collective activism.

There is no one solution to gun violence, but there are many things we can do to make a difference. Learn about the issues, what you can do as an individual, and what we can do together to prevent gun violence in our schools and communities.

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TC Take Action: Stand Up to Prevent Gun Violence

Gripped by devastating mass shootings across the country, Americans are asking, “what can we do?” Learn how to prevent gun violence in this virtual workshop with our experts, using evidence-based solutions to inform political action.


  • Sonali Rajan, Associate Professor of Health Education, Teachers College, Columbia University; Columbia SURGE (Scientific Union for the Reduction of Gun Violence)
  • Matthew J. Camp, (Ph.D ‘21), Director of Government Relations/TC Take Action, Teachers College, Columbia University


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gun violence conference hero

To Stop Gun Violence, We Need Evidence-Informed Solutions. This New Research Society Will Help.

As the first president of the Research Society for the Prevention of Firearm-Related Harms, TC’s Sonali Rajan will lead efforts to advance interdisciplinary work and strengthen the critical field

AP images Uvalde school memorial

The Uvalde Shooting Was Almost Six Months Ago. Here’s What You Need to Know About Gun Violence.

The horrifying school shooting that killed 19 elementary school students and two teachers yielded one of the most energized calls for gun reform in our nation’s history. And evidence-based research can inform where we go from here.

Sonali Gun Violence study istock

Black Children Were Disproportionately Affected by Gun Violence During Pandemic, New Study Shows

The new findings from TC’s Sonali Rajan and colleagues quantify gun violence as “a source of racial inequity starting in childhood”

rajan klarevas op ed hero

Gun Violence Can Be Prevented with Research-Backed Policies

Following the murder of 19 children and two adults in the Uvalde school shooting, TC’s Sonali Rajan and Louis Klarevas join colleague Charles Branas in a call for reforms with proven results

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Sonali Rajan, Charles C. Branas, Paul M. Reeping, Ariana N. Gobaud

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This is one of many ways that TC makes an impact through research, education and action. Sustain the development of educators, mental health professionals and community leaders who play a critical role in the health and vitality of our schools and communities. Thank you in advance for your support. 

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