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Teachers College, Columbia University
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The Hollingworth Center


At Hollingworth Preschool we approach learning through an interdisciplinary lens, seeking to foster and support students’ connections with the world.

An essential aspect of our child responsive curricular approach is placing deep value on the children as creators and contributors to the fabric of our studies.

From their earliest days in the classroom, the children are actively involved in creating the questions that deeply influence our units of study. The teachers use reflective listening within the community to support children’s interests and explorations.

Inspired by John Dewey, we respect each child’s ability to effectively explore and define the world through experience. Through acknowledging, encouraging and scaffolding students’ spontaneous connections between their lives, the world and other texts, the paths of our studies seek to foster students’ fruitful explorations into inquiry based learning.

As a community of learners, we value different points of view, divergent thinking, ambiguity and enthusiasm for discovery. Our studies always end with wonderful unanswered questions, as we recognize that studies and educational pursuits are lifelong endeavors.