Family Involvement

Family is a child's first teacher.

Using the term 'loved ones', we recognize and value the many people – whether they be parents, grandparents, siblings, care-takers, or others – that enrich the early experiences of young children.

Open communication is central -- in addition to regular email updates, family meetings and twice-a-year parent-teacher conferences, we use an online family communication and documentation app to share stories and photos of the children’s work at school. Using this app, parents will be able to log into their child’s personalized profile, and see notes, musings, and memorable moments shared by classroom teachers. We also use private class accounts on Instagram to offer windows into the world of the classroom for all loved ones. 

We also acknowledge the importance of learning outside of the classroom, and provide connections between what we are learning about at school, and opportunities to further that learning at home. We enthusiastically share happenings in the community and in our city that foster school-home connections, and provide recipe cards, songs, books, and resources with loved-ones to encourage further exploration after school hours.


Throughout the school year we offer a
variety of opportunities for family involvement.

Traditions are important to the fabric of school life. At Hollingworth Preschool we have certain celebrations, workshops, and volunteer opportunities that shape each year. 

We welcome loved ones to join us in support of special classroom events such as Green Market Shopping, baking & decorating cookies for Cookie Day and creating small flower bouquets for Appreciation Posies.

We welcome loved ones to join us for informal and formal celebrations throughout the school year. From our first day of school indoor picnic, to each child’s school birthday, Thanks Gatherings, Winter Celebration performance and our end of school year Onward & Upward celebration, our school events are opportunities for children to joyfully share their school experiences with their loved ones.

Throughout the school year we offer two workshops, Craft Day and Messy Day, for loved ones to join their children in the classroom for special activities. We also host annual weekend workshop events for all current and former Hollingworth Preschool children and families to return for special hands-on events focusing on literacy, art, and science. This fall, we will host Tea and Coffee at TC parent workshops open to the community. 

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