New Jersey Network of Superintendents (NJNS) Documentation  (2008 -- ­ present)

NCREST supports the design and documents the development of the New Jersey Network of Superintendents (NJNS). Funded by the Panasonic Foundation, the NJNS has been bringing together a group of superintendents in a series of monthly meetings designed to help them develop systemic approaches to addressing issues of equity and improving the outcomes of all students in their districts.  The meetings engage the superintendents in activities like instructional rounds, equity audits, and consultancies. The NCREST documentation team assesses the Network’s progress and informs the development of the Network’s theory of action by addressing three key questions:

  • How is the community of practice developing?
  • What are the superintendents learning?
  • How is network participation affecting superintendents’ work in their districts?

Key activities
Primary activities include documenting design team and network meetings, interviewing and surveying superintendents and other project participants, and conducting social network analyses of the relationships among administrators in selected districts.  In addition to fostering reflection and informing the development of the network, these activities enable the documentation team to identify key ideas and lessons that can facilitate the expansion of the network and the development of related networks in other contexts. 

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