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The Painting & Drawing Studio (2D Studio) in the Art and Art Education Program offers a variety of courses including drawing, figure drawing, and beginning and intermediate painting.  Courses taught in the studio encourage collaboration, creativity, and exploration of various media. Students are encouraged to explore different art-making modalities, take risks, and envision new ways of seeing. Although studio work is an integral part of the Art & Art Education program, all members of the TC community are welcomed in the studio as they bring unique perspectives on teaching and learning. 

Every drop of paint on the floor of the Macy studio is a story. These artists' stories extend over 100 years of painting, drawing, and artmaking. Artists and teachers have spent creative hours in this space, enjoying the natural light, drawing from life, painting on antique easels, and discussing their work with art educators from all walks of life. 

There are no beginners at the 2D Studio. When you enter the studio, you are an artist. Students with a background in art mix with those new to drawing and painting. Individuals with years of technical experience are free to experiment in new media, while beginners learn new skills or simply explore ideas with child-like curiosity. 

The studio’s close proximity to Macy Gallery provides students with an opportunity to discuss the relationship between making and exhibiting art. Both the studio and Macy Gallery are historic spaces at TC and yet, despite their long histories, they remain dynamic and vibrant spaces for learning.



Graduate students in the Macy Art Studio are observing.
  • Easels
  • Drawing Horses
  • Canvas Stretching Area
  • Paint (acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, tempera, encaustic)
  • Drawing (charcoal, pencil, etc.)
  • Wash Station
  • Various Painting Media
  • Paper Cutting Station
  • Classroom Area/LCD Projector
  • Natural North Facing Light
  • Figure Drawing/Still Life Area



The Painting & Drawing Studio was designed for the pedagogy of Arthur Wesley Dow in the early years of the twentieth century. Georgia O'Keefe and her sister, Ida, Agnes Martin, Ad Reinhardt, George McNeil, Alma Thomas, and Rafael Montanez Ortiz are among the luminary artists who have worked in the studio since its inception. More recently, the abstract expressionist artist, Herb Gentry, spent a year as a visiting artist working in the studio, as well as British painters Eleri Mills and Shani Ryse James. 

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