Art Studios

The Art and Art Education Program at Teachers College is one of the few art education graduate programs in the U.S. that require current students across all degree tracks to complete studio work. Our dedicated art studios allow our students to actively create art while continuing their studies. Each of our art studio spaces support specialized courses and many of our students work across our studios to integrate a variety of materials and processes.

Our six art studios in the Art and Art Ed Program are: Ceramics, Myers Media Art Studio, Painting & Drawing, Printmaking, Studio 447 and Thingspace.

Each studio is managed by Studio Fellows. You can learn more about each of our studios, studio courses, equipment and learning resources by navigating below.


Students working in the Ceramics Studio
MYERS MEDIA ART STUDIO header image - Two female graduate students interacting in the myers media art studio experimenting with a VR headset
This is a picture of a young students creating participating in studio 447.
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