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The Graduate Student Journal of Psychology (GSJP), published since 1998 by the Teachers College Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Columbia University, is a peer-reviewed journal consisting of empirical and theoretical articles drawing from all areas of academic psychology. The Journal emphasizes original scholarship and research by psychology graduate students at the Master's or Doctoral level that is of a high methodological quality, including empirical research articles, case studies, theoretical articles, comprehensive reviews of the literature, and qualitative studies. In the interest of promoting transparency in research methods we also welcome brief reports from researchers at any level (undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral, or professional) that include rigorously conducted studies that yielded null results; preregistration of proposals for pending studies; and direct replication studies. The journal prioritizes sound methodological quality and replicability over the magnitude of effect sizes, and will consider studies for publication irrespective of significant results. This unique aspect of the GSJP intends to counteract the effect of publication bias toward significant effects in the field of psychology as a whole.

Psychological researchers of all levels in the United States and abroad are invited to submit articles to the GSJP. Submissions will be reviewed by graduate students under the guidance of full-time faculty in the Clinical and Counseling Psychology programs at Teachers College, Columbia University. Consistent with the policies of most journals in the field, articles submitted will either be "accepted," "recommended for revision and resubmission," or "not accepted."

The journal also encourages manuscripts written in other languages and will consider their inclusion in the upcoming volumes based on the availability of Peer Reviewers fluent in the respective language.

Submissions are accepted year-round, on a rolling basis via the online portal. Submissions received before November will generally be included in the upcoming volume, while those received after November will generally be considered for a later volume.

Specific submission requirements are outlined in the "Submissions" tab. We strongly recommend that you also see the FAQs section of this website for helpful information regarding manuscript preparation and other related topics. Further questions may be addressed to the editors at gsjp@tc.columbia.edu.

Additionally, graduate students may also take part in two ways: (1) All PhD and MA level psychology students are eligible to apply to become GSJP Peer Reviewers with the following form, and if they demonstrate proficiency may be asked back as an Invited Reviewer in subsequent years; (2) Students may also volunteer to serve as Copy Editors, ensuring coherence and APA style in our finished volumes. Contact gsjp@tc.columbia.edu for more information.


Daniella Ekstein, Hannah Manley, Lori Kim & Cassidy Iervasi

Editorial Board, GSJP

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