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E-Learning Hub

Need fresh ideas for learning at home? Find FREE food and nutrition education lesson plans, videos, recipes, and activities developed by NYC organizations. Ideal for use by families and teachers, for children grades K-12, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For instructions and guidelines for submissions of your organization's digital resources, email tischfoodcenter@tc.columbia.edu.

For guidelines and best practices for developing, producing, and sharing food and nutrition education digital resources during the pandemic, see our Digital Toolkit and our Delivering Food and Nutrition Education During COVID-19 Webinar Recap blog.

Activities, Projects, and Ideas for Learning at Home

GrowNYC Education Distance Learning Resources

Home gardening projects, family-friendly recipes, sustainability-focused activities, zero waste home projects, and virtual field trips

Designed for grades Pre-K-12

Available in English, Spanish, Chinese

Edible at Home

Engaging, hands-on food, nutrition education, and gardening activities 

Designed for grades Pre-K-8

Available in English and Spanish

ChopChop Family Learn to Cook at Home

A weekly newsletter with at-home cooking curriculum to support kids’ learning, to help keep them calm and busy, and (bonus!) to put food on your table

Designed for grades K-12

Available in English

CommonBytes At-Home Digital Nutrition Game & Activities

Cooking and nutrition articles, games, activities for at-home learning. Access the curriculum for free by creating. a Commonbytes account. 

Designed for grades 3-8

Available in English and Spanish

FoodCorps COVID-19 Resources

A compilation of resources to support educators, families, school nutrition leaders, and community members who wish to respond to and support those impacted by COVID-19. 

Small Bites Adventure Club Fruit and Vegetable Exploration

Original on-line videos for caregivers and teachers to help children discover, love, and eat fruits and veggies.

Designed for grades Pre-K-8

Available in English


Cooking Classes

Pilot Light Family Meal Videos and Lessons

Family Meal lessons, recipes, and videos created by chefs and teachers designed to support remote learning in Common Core-based Reading, Writing and Math, and bring families together through food. New lessons and videos each week. 

Designed for grades K-8

Available in English and Spanish

FoodCorps AmeriCorps Service Member Videos

Online gardening and cooking lessons taught by FoodCorps AmeriCorps service members for students and families to do at home.  
Designed for grades K-5

Available in English 

Coalition for Healthy School Food Live Fall Cooking

An assortment of live plant-based cooking classes every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5 pm. Learn how to make easy, affordable, healthy, and delicious meals with the help of a professional chef.

Designed for kids of all ages to do with a parent/caregiver

Available in English


Lesson Plans, Worksheets, and Handouts

Teens for Food Justice Exploring the Food Movement

A lesson plan that provides context for understanding around food justice and food sovereignty and encourages students to reflect on the food system

Designed for grades 9-12

Available in English

The Beecher's Foundation Free Nutrition Workshops

The Food Detectives Program helps 4th grade teachers bring standards-aligned nutrition education into their classroom by providing 3 hours of fun, interactive, and easy to facilitate lessons for free.

Designed for grade 4

Available in English

Coalition for Healthy School Food Spice Detectives

A lesson plan to familiarize children with the spices that you commonly use at home, in favorite recipes, or food that is served for school meals.

Designed for grades Pre-K-5

Available in English

Queens County Farm Museum Spring Chickens

This lesson is a STEM-focused presentation is all about chickens–their life cycle and behavior, details of embryology (or development from egg to chick), and how they live at Queens Farm.

Designed for grades K-5

Available in English

Queens County Farm Pollinators

This lesson is a presentation that teaches about pollinators, specifically honeybees! Students observe the essential role of native & cultivated pollinators & learn how they impact farming & the food system. Students explore the process of pollination, anatomy & life-cycle of the bee, beekeeping, & value-added hive products - honey & beeswax.

Designed for grades 2-5

Available in English

FEAST Shopping and Cooking in an Emergency

A handout on how to stock your pantry and easy ingredient swaps.

Designed for parents and caregivers

Available in English and Spanish

FRESHFARM Explore Fruits & Vegetables Using Your 5 Senses

Use this worksheet to learn about fruits and vegetables in your kitchen using your 5 senses!

Designed for grades Pre-K-2

Available in English

FRESHFARM Rice is a Seed that We Eat!

Use this worksheet to discuss different rice traditions around the globe compared to how your family eats rice!

Designed for grades Pre-K-2

Available in English

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