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Launched in 2014 and comprised of a diverse group of volunteer ARAD alumni, the ARAD Alumni Committee (AAC) aims to encourage and nurture a lifelong bond among ARAD alumni worldwide. The AAC helps alumni connect with fellow graduates and with the Arts Administration Program through programs, online services, and alumni events around the globe.

Upon its founding, the AAC surveyed the ARAD alumni community, with the goal of learning how to best serve the needs and interests of this dynamic professional network. With the feedback received, the Committee has worked to launch various efforts, including a Mentorship program and networking events in New York City and regionally.

The AAC invites the participation of alumni from throughout the ARAD Program’s almost 40 years of existence. We look forward to connecting with you!



We are the hub of ARAD’s alumni community, through which alumni enrich themselves and each other, the ARAD program, Teachers College, Columbia University, and the arts and culture sector.



The ARAD Alumni Committee is an organization established in 2014 that encourages and nurtures a lifelong bond among ARAD alumni worldwide. The Committee engages a diverse group of ARAD graduates through programs, services, and partnerships that address the professional and artistic needs and interests of its members, contributing to their success and the success of current ARAD students who will one day be ARAD alumni.


Core Values of the AAC

Diversity: We reflect the diversity of ages, races, ethnicities, genders, artistic disciplines, and professions represented by ARAD alumni.

Open-mindedness and Responsiveness: We listen to and act upon the ideas of all our alumni and welcome active participation.

Enrichment: We exist to enrich the lives and careers of ARAD alumni and current ARAD students through mentorship, fellowship, and professional and educational activities.

Partnerships: We work to build the ARAD community and help program graduates find opportunities in larger, professional arts-based networks.

Strengthen Arts and Culture Sector: Create a forum to share best practices and encourage dialogue and new vision to strengthen the arts and culture sector.


Overarching Strategy

NOTE: Numbering/order does not imply hierarchy of importance or order of operations.

Cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie among ARAD alumni and between ARAD alumni and the ARAD program as well as the larger Teachers College, Columbia University, arts, and arts administration communities worldwide.

  1. Generate awareness and visibility of the Alumni Committee.

  2. Foster communication among the ARAD alumni community through multiple platforms.

  3. Establish and maintain a presence around the U.S. and the globe.

  4. Curate, produce, and partner on events that connect ARAD alumni, current ARAD students, as well as the Teachers College, Columbia University and broader arts communities in New York City and regionally.

  5. Partner with other Teachers College and Columbia University schools and organizations.

Contribute to the professional success of ARAD alumni, and current and future students.

  1. Create meaningful, professional relationships among ARAD alumni and students.

  2. Provide information about the arts and cultural industry.

  3. Connect ARAD students to potential internships and jobs.

  4. Hosting networking events and opportunities that foster alumni-to-student and alumni-to-alumni relationships.

Establish and maintain the committee as a transparent, valuable, sustainable resource for ARAD alumni and for the ARAD program.

  1. Create a solid governance and financial structure.

  2. Evaluate governance, financial structure, and strategy periodically to ensure relevance and progress against goals and objectives; adjust as needed.

  3. Support the ARAD program in recruitment of students.

  4. Help the ARAD program to be the strongest possible educational experience for future arts administrators.

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