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Mathematics, Science & Technology

Department Faculty

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Faculty List



Visiting Faculty


Full-Time Instructors


Joseph Malkevitch

Adjunct Professor

Xi Wei

Part Time Instructor

Jessica Fitzsimons Riccio

Senior Lecturer

Joseph Peter Garrity

Adjunct Professor

Susan Lowes

Director, Research and Evaluation

Neil Grabois

Visiting Professor

J. Philip Smith

Acting Program Director, Math Education

Nathan R. Holbert

Assistant Professor of Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design

Jeanny Vaidya

Part-Time Instructor

Thomas Anthony Covotsos

Part Time Instructor

Dasheng Zhang

Front-End Web Developer

Meghan Elizabeth Marrero

Adjunct Asst. Professor

O. Roger Anderson

Professor of Natural Sciences

Tucker Brown Harding

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Mark Dzula

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Felicia Mensah

Professor of Science and Education and Associate Dean

Kristin Gorski

Director of Academic Administration

Howard Budin


Henry Landau

Adjunct Professor

Stefania Macaluso

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Michael John Cennamo

Part Time Instructor

Brad Ashley


Sandra Okita

Associate Professor of Technology and Education

Joey Lee


Alexander P. Karp

Professor of Mathematics Education

Nigel Frazier

PT Instructor

Ann Rivet

Associate Professor of Science Education

Ellen B. Meier

Associate Professor of Practice

Renhong Wang

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Tara Lynn Conley

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Arturo Hale

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Lalitha M Vasudevan

Professor of Technology & Education

Nicholas Henning Wasserman

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Daniel Leo Buckley

Part Time Instructor

Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly

Part Time Instructor

Sheila Ivelisse Borges

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Charles Kinzer

Professor of Education

Janell Nicole Catlin

Adjunct Associate Professor

Ioana Literat

Assistant Professor of Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design

Elliot Matthew Hu-Au

Research Assistant, Games Research Lab

Bruce R Vogeli

Clifford Brewster Upton Professor of Mathematical Education

Christopher Emdin

Associate Professor of Science Education

Daniel Lew Hoffman

Adjunct Associate Professor

Erica Walker

Professor of Mathematics and Education

Matthew C. Vincent

Director of Digital Communications

Henry O Pollak

Visiting Professor of Mathematics Education

Lisa Ann Neesemann

Residency Supervisor
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