Active Research Projects

We conduct experiments examining the neural underpinnings of aspects of language and cognitive processing, in typically developing children and adults as well as those exhibiting atypical or pathological development utilizing combinations of behavioral and electrophysiological techniques. This page provides short summaries of our current and recent research projects.

Researching the Effects of Gun Violence Exposure on Attention and Learning (REVEAL) Study

The current study explores how varying levels of gun violence exposure may affect the brain’s attentional and learning capabilities. Specifically, we are curious to understand (1) the attentional processing differences that may exist between individuals with different levels of exposure to gun violence and (2) the neural mechanisms that may be associated with these differences. The study utilizes electroencephalography (EEG) to measure the brain’s electrical activity while performing an attention-related task and analyzes the differences in specific neural responses in the form of event-related potentials (ERPs). Due to an almost 20-year freeze on federal funding for research into the effects of gun violence in the United States, there is limited research elucidating the psychological and neurological changes that may occur due to gun violence exposure. Thus, REVEAL is the first research study of its kind, and it aims to lay the foundation for more robust and diverse research into gun violence exposure in the future.  

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Background Image: Border Design for DPM Study
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