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Thomas Sobol

Professional Background

Educational Background

  • A.B., Harvard College
  • A.M. in Teaching, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University

Scholarly Interests

Education policy. Elementary and secondary education reform. Public school governance and finance. The development of reflective education practitioners.

Selected Publications

  • Your Child in School (Arbor House).

  • "Revising the New York State Social Studies Curriculum" (Teachers College Record).

  • Teaching in Cities (Whitbread PLC).

  • "Beyond standards: The Rest of the agenda" (Teachers College Record).

ORLA 4900: Research and independent study in educational leadership

For students wishing to pursue independent study and/or research on topics not covered in regular courses. Requires faculty member's approval of a study plan, reading list, and final paper or other products or projects. Permission required from individual faculty.

C&T 5074: Curriculum and teaching policy

Prerequisite: C&T 4004. Examination of the theoretical and political bases of curriculum and teaching policies and their influences on school organizations and teaching practices. Explores the policy-making process from policy design through implemen-tation.

ORLA 6461: Internship in school and school district leadership

A 450-hour supervised field experience in school district leadership. Partially satisfies New York State requirement for School District Leaders certificate. Permission required.

ORL 6518: Methods of case study and analysis

Techniques and methods of preparing and analyzing case studies of organizations and institutions.

ORLA 6900: Directed research and study in education leadership

For students wishing to pursue independent study or original research as they prepare for their doctoral certification examination and/or dissertation proposal. Permission required from individual faculty.

ORLA 8900: Dissertation advisement in educational leadership

Individual advisement on the doctoral dissertation. Students register for this in the first semester after their dissertation proposal has been approved and continue registering in this (or in another course, with sponsor approval) until the dissertation is completed. Requires ongoing consultation between the student and dissertation sponsor. The fee equals three points at the current tuition rate for each term. Permission required from individual faculty.

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